Lockout video: Toni Kukoc tussles with Popeye Jones

This was never a joke. We've been through an extended lockout before, and we also know that you need a good backlog of material to suffer through an extended labor division that keeps both transactions and actual NBA news out of your daily readers. There will be nothing going on, for a spell that doesn't seem fair.

It's no fault of your own, hoops fans. All you've done is contribute to the massive and improving revenue streams that the owners (especially) and the players (to a lesser, no less damning, extent) can't agree on splitting.

And, until these twerps figure it out, we'll attempt to entertain your day with Lockout Videos.

That's right, Lockout Videos.

There's nothing relevant in what we're about to showcase for you. There's no line to be drawn from what we're posting and what is going on right now between the league's owners and the league's players.

There's just this:

That's right, it's an "altercation" between Chicago's Toni Kukoc and Dallas' Popeye Jones from a month into the 1994-95 season. Not much of an "altercation," if we're honest, but it's also a sterling example of Toni Kukoc's patented "left-left-left" dribble maneuver, and the weird result of Popeye Jones being touched in a way he didn't appreciate.

Any sort of symbolic relevance? Nope. Any sort of historic significance? Hardly. Something to keep you entertained as the lockout drags on?

Heck yes, NBA fans.

We're going to be full of this, until this mess resolves itself.

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