From The Locker Room: Summer Basketball Availability

Jordan Wells, Staff Writer
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IU basketball head coach Archie Miller and some of his players met with the media on Tuesday for an offseason availability. was there and has quotes and video embedded below.


"I've seen a newfound determination in De'Ron. Before he would talk about it - when he first got here, it was a confidence thing. But now he's more confident. He sees the changes - we all see it - and we're encouraging him as he goes along. A lot of us have made the changes with him. I know myself, I ate bad three days of the week - when I saw what De'Ron was doing, I said 'why not?' and joined along with him." - Rising junior forward Juwan Morgan on rising sophomore De'Ron Davis.

"It's a lot. I'm able to get up and down the court faster. I've been working on my conditioning, trying to help me stay in games longer, play more minutes. It just makes me feel better. It takes away a lot of the injuries that I had last year. So me being 20 pounds lighter, those injuries -- those little knickknack injuries, you don't see too much." - Davis on losing weight this offseason.

"I think it's always important just for the simple fact that leaders have to be coaches on the court, and that's something that should be able to be reflected whenever you watch us play. So I think that the experience that comes this year, you know, that will really help." - Rising senior guard Robert Johnson on this year's team leadership.

"Yeah, Coach Miller, he was a point guard, so he's definitely teaching us a lot during the workouts on just teaching us just the little things. Now to just read defenses, different ways to get in the paint, different ways to create." - Rising senior guard Josh Newkirk on how Archie Miller's point guard system works.

"It's really important. I think the upperclassmen have established they have a good way about them in terms of their communication, leading by example. But we need a group that have a loud voice.

"Rob's a guy that's going to have to step out of his comfort zone a little bit. He's done a better job this summer than he did in the early spring. He's really, really worked hard and shown people how it's done. But he's talking more.

"Collin [Hartman] is a huge boost. He and Juwan both have been fantastic in every regard of what we're doing, in terms of them communicating, talking. You've got to have a team that can communicate with one another. And there's got to be a sounding board, and I think those older guys know that." - head coach Archie Miller on the importance of leadership for this year's team.


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