From The Locker Room: Monday Media Availability

Jordan Wells, Staff Writer
The Hoosier

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Following last weekend's win over Charleston Southern, IU head coach Tom Allen met with the media on Monday to review the victory and preview Saturday's upcoming tilt against Michigan. was in-attendance and has quotes plus video below.


Jordan Wells/

Q. Using Brandon Knight the rest of the way, is he a guy you can mix and match as situations dictate?

ALLEN: "To me he is just still continuing to, he missed the entire fall camp from a practice perspective, he was doing a lots of other things to get back. But just needs reps. So we just try to ease him back in here and bring him along. I think it's a big week for him to get back to full strength and just to get back in the flow, just making up for all of those practices that he missed during the fall, which is 25 practices, just before the first game. So you just don't just show back up and expect there not to be a little bit of some rust and just some contact that you need over and over begin. So I think he's progressing for sure, but I expect him and challenging him to continue to grow and get back to the full strength.

Q. The fact that Michigan is coming off a rivalry loss, does that affect anything in terms of the way you think they will approach you?

ALLEN: "Sometimes I think that when you have a good program like theirs that expects to win every week, I know that's a huge game for them to play Michigan State. Last year they came off a tough Iowa game that they fell short on that and we played them the very next week, sort of a similar situation in some ways. I think that the really good coaching staff, they will have him probably sharper than of the next week. I just kind of expect that. There's no question they will comeback with resurgence in your focus in some ways maybe, but it's a Big-10 football game and we expect to get their very best and I just think that you want to win them and when you don't you sometimes have a tendency to be more detailed and less overlooking the little things when you do fall short. So I think it will probably make them even sharper, to be honest with you."

Note: Allen starts at 0:23 and offensive coordinator Mike DeBord starts at 26:19.


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