From The Locker Room: Monday Media Availability

Jordan Wells, Staff Writer
The Hoosier

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Following last weekend's loss to Penn State, IU head coach Tom Allen met with the media on Monday to review the defeat and preview Saturday's upcoming tilt against Charleston Southern. was in-attendance and has quotes plus video below.


Jordan Wells/

Q. How big is it that Allen Stallings started to elevate his play, especially I know with Gooch and Sykes you had two guys when you lose Sykes for the season. How much does that allow you to maybe do things defensively that you couldn't do before you had him stepping up?

ALLEN: "It was huge. You kind of get to a point where you sit a young man down and you say this program needs you to step up. And he responded. So I'm really encouraged by that. When we lost Nile that just was a big void there and he had had such a great off season. And to Allen's credit he's responded well. And you gotta keep elevating. Each week it doesn't change. So we needed him to do that. That's why guys on the roster have to respond. And so sometimes it's -- the situation has to draw it out of them. And I think that's what this has done.

"When Gooch got the situation, the targeting and had to sit out the first half, he didn't have a choice. You know, he was forced into that, and I was encouraged by the way he responded, because I still hadn't seen consistent practice or performance. And then when that happened, it really kind of a trigger went off. And so that's been good to see."

Q. Chris Covington you mentioned. You thought he played really well this weekend, but in general it seems like he's kind of just been very steady these first four weeks. A lot of people kind of wondered how you replace Marcus Oliver. Just how important has his play been?

ALLEN: "It's been very important. And when you lose a guy like Marcus that was the captain and starter for so many games and years here. So once again, we sat him down and challenged him, and this is what you need to do. And it was just change in the way he did things, you know, in his thoughts, how he worked and how he trained and how he took care of himself and how you live. And just getting your mind right. And all those things that go into being an elite player. And he bought into all that. And I think that it's a tremendous tribute to him, because we needed him to.

"We needed him to in a huge way in order for us to play the kind of defense we wanted to play. So those two guys, really proud of them. And Chris is a guy that had some question marks, for sure. It wasn't like it was just a given that he was just going to step in there and do what he's done. So but it's neat to see him rewarded for all the hard work in the way that he prepared all spring and summer and now into the season. Same thing with the preparation and the film study and getting the defense setup. They've owned the concept of run the defense, and I hold them to that every day, and Coach Hiller does a great job with that as well, and those two guys are playing at a high level."


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