Local Snocross rider hopes story will inspire change

ALMA CENTER, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – In honor of Limb Loss Awareness Month, the story of a unique athlete blazing a trail despite the loss of his leg. Philip Choroser sat down with Lane Giese, and his family, as he shared his story and what he hopes he can inspire.

You might remember Lane Giese. Here he is at age 8 competing in the sport he loves, snocross, and competing at a national level. Lane’s dad, Travis, explains, “Heard an advertisement for a race in Turtle Lake and thought well, we should go try that out and then found out that there was a race the next weekend and the next weekend and found out that there’s a whole series.”

Lane adds, “The adrenaline rush, the thrill of riding the experience just with friends and family and winning. Of course, that’s getting the bringing home the hardware. Nothing else compared to it in the world.”

The pandemic and injuries put a bit of a cooler on Lane’s career, but he looked towards this past winter as a fresh start. But when riding a motocross bike this past summer, he crashed, injuring his foot, requiring surgery. But following surgery, Lane says, “Horrible pain after that.” His mom, Robin, explains, And before we knew it, we were being med-flighted out to UW and we were told, that night, to prepare for his kidneys to shut down, possible amputation. It was just the worst news you could ever receive.”

Lane’s right leg was amputated below the knee. The recovery seemed like a long one. But he had one goal in mind: get back on a sled and compete despite his injury. But Lane and his family quickly realized a problem. Lane says, “Got back on the sled with the everyday walking prosthetic, which was not very great. I mean, I could do it, but it just had no mobility and it didn’t absorb any of the shock and it was just not a good deal.”

And so, with his mind set on competing again, Robin flew into action to help. “That was my promise is I’m getting you this foot. Whatever we need to do, you’re going to get this foot. You’re going to… you’re going to ride again. If you want to.”

Lane was able to get the foot through the help of Mike Shultz of Biodapt and Aaron Holm of the Wiggle Your Toes Foundation who built and helped pay for a new prosthetic that Lane was surprised with 1 week before attempting his comeback. Lane says, “Just jump right to the national track and hope for the best.”

Equipped with his new foot Lane believes his dreams of a national-level snocross career are back on track, “My goal is just to get to the top. just advanced snocross career.”

His dad adds, “I’m impressed with the attitude that he’s had through all of this. And I do feel that he will. He will succeed in any of the challenges in life that are thrown at him.”

Now the Giese Family hopes they can use their story to help inspire change. Their goal… passing a “So Everybody Can Move” Bill in Wisconsin to help finance more prosthetics for physical activity. Robin explains, “Because, out of pocket, these can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000. And I just… I want to be part of it. I want to help Wisconsin get there.”

Now, Lane’s message is simple. Just don’t let the little things stop you.

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