Chicago company outfits an expressway with three fantastic Chicago Bulls-themed billboards (Photos)

The city of Chicago (or, by extension and more specifically, the city of Skokie, IL.) is quite proud of its Chicago Bulls. The team has overcome quite a bit on its way toward staring down the defending champion Miami Heat; with a chance to take a 2-0 conference semifinals lead on Wednesday. Along the way, this 90-game Derrick Rose-less run has inspired all sorts of breathless tributes.

None finer than the work of Command Signs, which gave drivers on the Edens Expressway in Chicago the chance to gawk and laugh at their wonderfully Photoshopped digital bow downs to this incessantly entertaining Bulls team.

Via The Basketball Jones, via Blog-a-Bull, via Chicagoist, via Command Signs, via the Edens Expressway, here are the billboards:

(This final one being in reference to the fine Bulls guard Marco Belinelli took in for his Sam Cassell shout-out on Monday.)

As Trey Kerby at the Jones points out, this is not the first time Command Signs has taken to their billboards to encourage a local team or two, but that didn’t stop the man behind Blog-a-Bull and fantastic Chicago Bulls radio play-by-play man Chuck Swirsky from wondering if the things were for real.

They, like the Bulls, are for real. Keep your eye on the sky, Chicago.

(And before you hit the highway, have a look at Greg Anthony and Melanie Collins discussing Chicago's chances at dethroning the defending champions below.)

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