Local athletes compete at Madison Central All-Comers meet

Mar. 29—The Madison Central All-Comers meet was held on Thursday, with athletes from Pulaski County, Southwestern and Somerset all competing during the events. The Maroons and Warriors took home a few wins, with Southwestern girls finishing second and boys finishing fourth, while Pulaski girls finished third and boys finished 11th. Somerset girls finished eighth and their boys finished eighth.

In the boys' 100m, Southwestern's Kameron Cox finished fourth with a time of 11.70, while Somerset's Tyson Absher finished seventh with a time of 11.87. Other finishers included Southwestern's Dashaun Sejour in 11th with a time of 12.03, Pulaski's Kasen Brock in 12th with a time of 12.09, Pulaski's Tyson Hooker in 23rd, Pulaski's Tristan Weddle in 27th, Southwestern's Riley Stinson in 30th, Pulaski's Hayden Vaught in 33rd, Southwestern's Gage Anderson in 41st, Somerset's Noah Taylor in 47th, Somerset's Corban Cimala in 63rd, Southwestern's Mason Wilson in 67th, Southwestern's Drew Kelly in 68th, Somerset's Tyson Brashears in 77th, Southwestern's Seth Dial in 89th, Southwestern's Jonathan Haynes in 106th and Southwestern's Tyler Arnett in 117th.

In the boys' 200m, Southwestern's Victor Colyer finished in second with a time of 23.74, with Somerset's Absher finishing fifth with a time of 24.06. Other finishers included Southwestern's Cox in eighth with a time of 24.34, Southwestern's Steven Flynn in 17th with a time of 25.32, Somerset's Taylor in 25, Somerset's Jamal Tilley in 26th, Southwestern's Stinson in 35th, Southwestern's Anderson in 37th, Southwestern's Wilson in 44th, Somerset's Brashears in 60th, Southwestern's Dial in 65th and Somerset's Jonas Blakeman in 67th.

In the boys' 400m, Southwestern's Colyer finished third with a time of 52.88, while his teammate Ben Coomer finished eighth with a time of 56.04. Other finishers included Pulaski's Jack Furr in 10th with a time of 56.69, Pulaski's Cohen Finley in 17th with a time of 57.82, Pulaski's Hunter Black in 23rd, Pulaski's Gabe Haste in 48th, Southwestern's Maddox Singleton in 52nd and Southwestern's Arnett in 53rd.

In the boys' 800m, Southwestern's Zabrey Bortz finished in second with a time of 2:15.82, while Somerset's Kevin Meija finished ninth with a time of 2:25.60. Other finishers included Southwestern's Hunter Troxtle in 11th with a time of 2:29.92, Southwestern's Hayden Cummins in 13th with a time of 2:30.76, Somerset's Cameron Albright in 17th with a time of 2:36.37, Pulaski's Abel Super in 19th with a time of 2:37.19, Somerset's John Lackey in 25th and Pulaski's Hooker in 32nd.

In the boys' 1600m, Southwestern's Bortz finished 11th with a time of 4:59.67. Other finishers included Somerset's Lackey in 23rd, Southwestern's Troxtle in 24th, Southwestern's Cummins in 26th, Somerset's Albright in 28th, Pulaski's Micah Super in 35th, Somerset's Cooper Neikirk in 38th and Pulaski's Tristan Louthen in 44th.

In the boys' 110m hurdles, Southwestern's Flynn finished seventh with a time of 20.01, while his teammate Tyler Phelps finished eighth with a time of 20.64. Southwestern's Gunner Schlosser finished 12th.

In the boys' 300m hurdles, Southwestern's Flynn finished fourth with a time of 49.16. Other finishers included Southwestern's Phelps in eighth and Southwestern's Schlosser in 12th.

Pulaski's team of Weddle, Vaught, Hooker and Brock finished fourth in the boys' 4x100m relay with a time of 47.14. Somerset's team of Jackson Burgess, Taylor, Tilley and Absher finished fifth with a time of 47.33, while their 'B' team of Meija, Cimala, Brashears and Eli Eastham finished 12th.

In the boys' 4x200m relay, Somerset's team of Eastham, Tilley, Taylor and Bryson Stone finished fourth with a time of 1:43.15, while Pulaski's team of Furr, Hooker, Eli Thayer and Bryson Mounce finished fifth with a time of 1:44.14.

In the boys' 4x800m relay, Southwestern's team of Coomer, Kelly, Bortz and Michael Seiber finished in first place with a time of 9:11.36. Somerset's team of Stone, Eastham, Meija and Albright finished third, while Pulaski's team of Louthen, Abel Super, Micah Super and Black finished sixth.

In the boys' high jump, Southwestern's Valor Pennington finished second with a height of 5-06.00. Other finishers included Pulaski's Finley in seventh, Southwestern's Levi Taylor in 13th and Somerset's Stone in 17th.

In the boys' long jump, Southwestern's Cox finished fourth with a distance of 19-03.50. Other finishers included Somerset's Absher in sixth, Somerset's Burgess in 17th and Pulaski's Furr in 19th.

In the boys' triple jump, Somerset's Burgess finished in sixth with a distance of 35-10.00. Other finishers included Southwestern's Taylor in ninth, Somerset's Tilley in 13th and Southwestern's Kelly in 15th.

In the boys' pole vault, Southwestern's Michael Seiber finished fourth with a height of 9-06.00. Other finishers included Somerset's Blakeman in seventh, Pulaski's Gage Andrus in ninth, Southwestern's Cox in 12th, Southwestern's Bryce Bateman in 15th, Southwestern's Troxtle in 16th and Somerset's Miller Washam in 20th.

In the boys' discus, Southwestern's Nico Pascarella finished fifth with a distance of 118-04.00. Other finishers included Pulaski's Brayan Ramirez in 16th, Somerset's Braxton Wheeler in 23rd, Southwestern's Caiden Gensel in 26th, Southwestern's Christopher Rodas in 35th and Somerset's Sam Miller in 41st.

In the boys' shot put, Southwestern's Pennington placed 13th with a distance of 35-01.00. Other finishers included Southwestern's Rodas in 24th and Southwestern's Gensel in 27th.

In the girls' 100m, Pulaski's Emma Coomer finished second in a time of 13.13, while her teammate Brooklynn Sandlin placed third with a time of 13.58. Other finishers included Pulaski's Kenzie Cupp in fourth with a time of 13.67, Somerset's Hannaha Boyer in fifth with a time of 13.92, Pulaski's Aubrey Richardson in 14th with a time of 14.30, Somerset's Jaycee Cothron in 30th, Southwestern's Emma Sears in 34th, Somerset's Faith Mayfield in 37th, Southwestern's Ellie Weddle in 46th, Southwestern's Reagan Butt in 55th, Somerset's Adyson Wharf in 57th, Southwestern's Ren Wood in 59th, Somerset's Hope Hoffman in 63rd, Somerset's Macie Parker in 67th and Somerset's Garrah Vanover in 73rd.

In the girls' 200m, Southwestern's Shelby Lockard finished fifth with a time of 28.36, while her teammate Clare Marie Ramsey finished eighth with a time of 29.27. Other finishers included Southwestern's Sears in 24th, Southwestern's Madeline Peterson in 31st, Somerset's Wharf in 41st, Somerset's Mayfield in 43rd, Somerset's Hoffman in 45th, Somerset's Parker in 50th, Southwestern's Kaylee Creek in 51st and Somerset's Vanover in 57th.

In the girls' 400m, Somerset's Isabella Mckenzie finished in sixth place with a time of 1:07.52, while Pulaski's Alyssa Salyer finished eighth with a time of 1:08.81. Other finishers included Southwestern's Kaitlyn Williams in 15th with a time of 1:12.18 and Pulaski's Simi McAlpin in 36th.

In the girls' 800m, Southwestern's Shaye Seiber finished third with a time of 2:34.94, while her teammate Olivia Huff finished right behind her in fourth with a time of 2:35.18. Other finishers included Pulaski's Addison Cundiff in sixth with a time of 2:39.78 and Southwestern's Nahia Galarregui in 16th with a time of 3:02.10.

In the girls' 1600m, Seiber was again the top local finisher, placing third with a time of 5:39.66. Other finishers included Pulaski's Maggie Bertram in fifth with a time of 6:02.87, Southwestern's Madeline Peterson in ninth with a time of 6:18.03 and Pulaski's Hailey Slaven in 21st.

In the girls' 100m hurdles, Southwestern's Ansley Mounce finished third with a time of 19.98, with Somerset's Cothron finishing fifth in a time of 20.61 and Southwestern's Kya Rowlands finishing eighth in a time of 23.08.

In the girls' 300m hurdles, Southwestern's Lockard finished third in a time of 56.37. Other finishers included Southwestern's Ansley Mounce in fourth, Somerset's Cothron in sixth and Southwestern's Rowlands in ninth.

Pulaski's team of Cupp, Sandlin, Emma Coomer and Abbee Coomer won the girls' 4x100m relay, finishing in a time of 51.31. Somerset's 'A' team of Boyer, Mckenzie, Emma Midden and Grace Burgess finished third with a time of 54.23, while Southwestern's team of Rowlands, Creek, Sears and A.J. Perrin finished 11th and Somerset's 'B' team of Wharf, Vanover, Parker and Hoffman finished 12th.

Somerset's 'A' team of Boyer, Cothron, Mckenzie and Midden finished second in the girls' 4x200m relay with a time of 1:57.55, while Southwestern's team of Ramsey, Lockard, Huff and Ansley Mounce finished third with a time of 1:58.04. Pulaski's team of Maliyah Swinney, Marley Acton, Laney Bramble and Lexi Lawless finished seventh, with Somerset's 'B' team of Wharf, Vanover, Parker and Hoffman finishing 12th.

Southwestern's team of Huff, Peterson, Lockard and Seiber won the girls' 4x800m relay in a time of 10:55.50.

In the girls' high jump, Southwestern's Ramsey finished in a tie for first place with a height of 4-06.00.

In the girls' long jump, Pulaski's Swinney finished second with a distance of 15-07.00. Other finishers included Pulaski's Richardson in sixth, Pulaski's Bramble in seventh, Southwestern's Peterson in 11th, Southwestern's Wood in 14th, Somerset's Boyer in 19th, Southwestern's Sia Taylor in 20th and Pulaski's Acton in 22nd.

In the girls' triple jump, Pulaski's Swinney finished second again with a distance of 32-04.50, while her teammate Cupp finished eighth.

In the girls' pole vault, Southwestern's A.J. Perrin finished eighth while Pulaski's Lily Hamilton finished ninth.

In the girls' discus, Southwestern's Chloe Brotherton finished fourth with a distance of 75-01.00. Other finishers included Southwestern's Grace Shoopman in ninth, Southwestern's Claire Peterson in 13th and Southwestern's Taylor in 21st.

In the girls' shot put, Pulaski's Lawless finished second with a distance of 30-10. Other finishers included Southwestern's Shoopman in 12th, Southwestern's Claire Peterson and Taylor in a tie for 17th and Southwestern's Brotherton in 32nd.

The results for the 3200m and 4x400m relay for both boys and girls were not available at time of publication and will be published at a later date.

Jacob Pratt is the Sports Editor of the Commonwealth Journal and can be reached at