Lizzo and Sarah Paulson Doing "The Killer Is Escaping" TikTok Has Ended Me

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Photo credit: TikTok
Photo credit: TikTok

How do you do, fellow kids: in case you hadn't noticed (which you def had), there's a trend on TikTok which involves everyone making zero effort while saying Sarah Paulson's iconic line from American Horror Story asylum. You know the one: "HELP, HE'S ESCAPING! THE KILLER IS ESCAPING, HELP MEEEEE."

Anyway, you've definitely already seen a million of these videos floating around, but everyone else's version is irrelevant because Lizzo and Sarah Paulson just did two back-to-back TikToks that have, quite simply, won. Here they are doing the absolute most:

And, naturally, doing the very least:

Prior to this iconic meet up, Sarah had talked about her newfound TikTok fame on Instagram Live, saying "Lizzo did one, I think Billie Eilish. They don't know it's me. They have no connection to me. They just know that there's some weird chick saying, 'The killer is escaping.' They're not saying it...somebody's playing it to some music? I don't understand it."

FYI that this trend is a result of an American Horror Story fan account TikTok posting a clip of the scene months ago:

And several celebs have gotten in on it over the past few days, perhaps most notably Billie Eilish who recreated it with the art of nostril flares:

Anyway, this has been weird / amazing. Bye!

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