Livingston still have 'fire in belly' - Obileye

Ayo Obileye insists his Livingston teammates haven't "spat the dummy out" despite their bleak position at the bottom of the Scottish Premiership.

The West Lothian side are 10 points adrift with seven games to go and host an Aberdeen side that has one back-to-back league games to move away from the relegation zone.

Defender Obileye admits their awful run of form has taken a toll on the mood in the Livingston camp, but says they will keep swinging until the bell tolls.

"Some boys are obviously down sometimes," he said. "Everybody's going to be down when you're losing every week.

"At the same time, everyone has the faith and belief. No one's really spat the dummy out and given up. The boys have still got the fire in their belly knowing we're still in it and it's not done until it's done.

"The boys get on to each other every single day if they're not pulling their weight. I believe this is a really good team, the season might not have shown that.

"Once we get that first win, I think we can start a run. We're going to go out there at the weekend, give it everything we've got and see what happens".