'If Liverpool needs me then I am there'

Jurgen Klopp bowes
[Getty Images]

Jurgen Klopp says Liverpool "is a very special city" and if it needs him in the future then he will be there.

Reflecting on his nine years at the club, in a city that has his face painted on buildings in admiration, the departing manager said: "My time here has been super influential in so many ways. I know everything about this place.

"I take fantastic memories with me and friendships forever.

"The older you get, time slips through your fingers, and you look back and think, that was great. I will not forget a minute or a day of this time. I have met the best people I have ever met and I have worked for the best club I could have imagined.

"In a wonderful, very special city. Nothing is perfect nowadays but the people in this city are as close to that as possible.

"I am completely at peace. It is wonderful to know I spent a huge amount of my life here.

"I don’t imagine that the club will need my help in the future but I have got the key of the city. I'm sure for some people that is rather funny, but if the city needs me I am there. I want to be helpful in whatever way.

"The club means the world to so many people. We have very special supporters and the last nine years has meant the world to them, so I am happy with that."