Liverpool Mayor speaks out after losing two brothers during lockdown and son's cancer diagnosis during pandemic

Max Stephens
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Joe Anderson's eldest brother died from Covid-19
Joe Anderson's eldest brother died from Covid-19

The mayor of Liverpool has spoken about the trauma of losing two brothers during lockdown while his son battles cancer. 

Joe Anderson’s elder brother, Bill, died from Covid-19 on October 16, the same week that 61 people in Liverpool also lost their lives due to coronavirus.  

Seven weeks ago, the Labour mayor’s brother, Henry, passed away after a long battle with cancer and his eldest son has undergone cancer treatment during the pandemic.

Mr Anderson has said he would back Tier 4 restrictions in the city to reduce the infection rate of a virus that “takes no prisoners.”    

Liverpool has recorded 480 cases per 100,000 people in the week ending October 24 and has had a total of 17,969 cases to date.  

“Bill was taken so suddenly that we never got the chance to say goodbye or to be with him,” Mr Anderson told BBC Breakfast.   

“The loss of Bill is a great blow to us all because six weeks prior to that we’d lost my brother through cancer.  So it’s been a traumatic time to say the least.”  

"My eldest son was also going through cancer treatment during the pandemic.We weren't even able to give him a hug or be with him." 

Mr Anderson was embroiled in negotiations over restrictions to combat infection rates when Bill was admitted to the Royal Liverpool Hospital. Within eight hours he had died.

The mayor has said he would monitor the current impact of Tier 3 restrictions in the city which were imposed on October 14 before considering advancing to a possible Tier 4. 

Asked if he would support further measures in the region, Mr Anderson said he would back "tougher measures if necessary".