Liverpool 2-0 Wolves: What O'Neil said

Gary O'Neil smiles

Wolves boss Gary O'Neil speaking to BBC Match of the Day: "Really proud but disappointed with the two goals as they came from headers.

"It's really difficult to hold out here when it's 2-0 and you know you're going to have a long second half kicking into the Kop. We created some moments as well. We have a penalty shout and I'm really proud of the players. I'm disappointed that it was decided by a VAR intervention."

On Nelson Semedo's red card: "I think it was late. Everyone who has played knows those tackles can happen. The referee has a good view of it and I don't think VAR needs to get involved. I don't understand why we're so desperate to get involved. There's no way that's clear and obvious.

"We will have to decide whether we appeal it or not but that's three games he will miss next season. It's really disappointing. It's not about VAR - I'm proud of our performance - but it sums up where VAR is for me. They didn't even pause it in the right place. It's a really poor standard of officiating I thought, so hopefully better for next year."

Are you confident VAR will be voted out? "I'm not very confident that it will be got rid of. That's not the technology's fault. That's the guys using it. There's no danger to Alexis Mac Allister. He's fine. There's just no need for that to be a red. I'm disappointed for the lads but we showed unbelievable character and togetherness and we gave it a go."

Was it special to be part of Jurgen Klopp's send-off? "Not special for me to be involved. I was just keen to do my job and get on with my business, but for Liverpool Football Club, he's done an unbelievable job. He's connected the club with the area and instilling real belief in what they can achieve. He will be missed by the football club I'm sure, and the league."