Jett Lawrence responds to Hangtown crash with Thunder Valley win in SuperMotocross Round 20

The Lawrence brothers finished first and second at Fox Raceway in Pala, California, to start the season, and they did it again at Thunder Valley Motocross Park in Lakewood, Colorado, with Jett Lawrence finishing second in the first moto and winning the second race to earn the tiebreaker over Hunter Lawrence.

Jett entered the round with a couple of question marks over his head, and he answered those queries with his second overall victory in the first three rounds of the Pro Motocross season.

"Going into the straight on that second moto, my legs were shot,, so I had no legs at the start," Jett told NBC Sports' Will Christien. "I dug deep. In my head, I was 'stay there, stay there' and I was able to capitalize on a mistake by Hunter in one of the turns and then [Justin Cooper]. I didn't expect this, but we're happy to be up here."

Hunter pressured Jett in the closing laps and earned the same points as Jett, but he will not be credited with the victory. Hunter takes the red plate to become the third holder this season.

"The little sh!t got me," Hunter told Jason Thomas. "It was a good run; cool to go down to the wire. We made a change to the bike during the week for both of us, and it paid off pretty good."

Justin Cooper earned the holeshot in both motos but faded to finish third and scored the third position overall.

"It was an awesome day," Cooper said. "Both holeshots in like 25 minutes. The guys were riding really good today. I tried my best, and when they passed me, I was pretty much gassed at that point. I gave it everything up until that point."

Justin Barcia's fourth in Moto 1 and sixth in Moto 2 gave him fourth overall.

Chase Sexton pressured Cooper early in Moto 2 before he crashed. He recovered to finish sixth in that race and was fifth in Moto 1 to finish fifth overall. Sexton lost the red plate to Hunter and 14 points to Jett.

MX 2024 Rd 03 Thunder Valley signage.jpg
MX 2024 Rd 03 Thunder Valley signage.jpg

In Race Notes

The middle two motos will be shown live on NBC at 4 p.m. ET.

Chase Sexton has the red plate, but Jett Lawrence still sports the No. 1 as the defending champion.

Thunder Valley will be a test for Jett Lawrence. After suffering the first loss of his Pro Motocross career, he needs to reestablish dominance with an immediate rebound.

Jett makes his statement loud and clear by posting the quickest time in qualification. Sexton does not have the same level of speed and lands fifth on the overall list.

In the 250s, Ty Masterpool finally gets comfortable on his Kawasaki and bests Haiden Deegan.

A lightning strike delays the beginning of 450 Moto 1.


250 Moto 2

A light rain fell between the 450 and 250 motos, which will make this race challenging.

Chance Hymas earns the holeshot with Haiden Deegan slipping and sliding behind him.

Levi Kitchen rounds out the podium.

Jalek Swoll in fourth and Tom Vialle round out the top five.

Kitchen falls a second time with 24 minutes remaining. He drops to fifth in the running order.

450 Moto 2

Justin Cooper gets the holeshot for the second time today.

Hunter Lawrence, Chase Sexton, and Jett Lawrence are embroiled in a contest for second.

At the end of Lap 1, Sexton has the position over Hunter and Jett.

Jason Anderson rounds out the top five.

Sexton made changes between Moto 1. Now, he's pressuring Cooper for the lead.

Cooper responds and pulls out a 1.5-second gap

Sexton crashes with 21 minutes on the clock while he attempts a pass on Cooper. He drops all the way to sixth. As things stand, Sexton has given back 11 points to Jett.

Hunter moves into second and Jett in third will make up a lot of points.

Anderson advances to fourth with Justin Barcia fifth.

At the halfway mark, Sexton moves back into the top five.

Cooper fends off an attack by Hunter and settles into a 1.5-second lead with nine minutes on the clock.

Under six minutes on the clock and Jett sneaks by Hunter.

Jett gets Cooper with two minutes remaining. If he stays there, he will have the overall win.

Hunter gets around also. The overall win will go to whichever rider wins this moto.

Jett holds off a charge by Hunter to win the second race and the overall via the tiebreaker.

Hunter finishes second and secures the red plate heading into Round 4 at High Point.

Cooper takes the final spot on the podium.

250 Moto 1

Haiden Deegan gets the holeshot, but Tom Vialle is on his tail.

At the end of Lap 1, Chance Hymas (third), Jalek Swoll (fourth), and Levi Kitchen (fifth) round out the top five.

With 20 minutes remaining in the moto, Vialle is slowly allowing Deegan to get away. The gap is 2.6 seconds.

Nothing changes among the top five as the moto nears the halfway mark, but Ty Masterpool is on the move deeper in the field. He passes Nick Romano and Julien Beaumer in one lap and moves up to ninth.

With 12 minutes remaining, Deegan's lead over Vialle is under two seconds (1.845). Hymas, Swoll and Kitchen still round out the top five.

Pierce Brown is 4.6 seconds outside of the top five.

Vialle won't quit. He has the gap under two seconds again with five minutes on the clock.

Vialle gets slowed by lapped traffic and hands two seconds back.

Almost immediately, Deegan loses his front wheel and goes down. Vialle takes the lead.

Deegan's mistake creates a fierce battle with Vialle for the lead.

White flag and Deegan takes the lead back as Vialle slips off track.

Vialle stays with the leader but falls while attempting to re-pass Deegan,

Kitchen moved up to third.

Hymas is in fourth, and Jo Shimoda round out the top five.

Masterpool hangs on for an eighth-place finish.

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MX 2024 Rd 01 Fox Raceway Pala Haiden Deegan leads Tom Vialle.JPG
MX 2024 Rd 01 Fox Raceway Pala Haiden Deegan leads Tom Vialle.JPG

American Motorcycle Association explains Haiden Deegan, Tom Vialle penalty discrepancy at Fox Raceway

In this week’s SMX Insider, Mike Pelletier explained why Tom Vialle was penalized while Haiden Deegan was not.

  • Dan Beaver


  • Dan Beaver


450 Moto 1

Rookie Justin Cooper gets the holeshot.

Jett will need to come through a few riders. He is fifth at the end of Lap 1

Justin Barcia (second), Jason Anderson (third), and Hunter Lawrence (fourth) are in between.

Cooper stretches the advantage to three seconds over Barcia.

Jett is 6.8 seconds back in fifth.

With 20 seconds on the clock, Hunter moves up to third after passing Barcia. Anderson is in second.

We're accustomed to seeing them battle at the front of the field, but Jett and Sexton battle for fifth with 19 minutes remaining.

Jett passes Barcia and moves up to fourth with 16 minutes to go. One minute later, he gets Anderson for third.

It took half of the moto, but Hunter in second and Jett in third have podium runs.

Cooper continues to lead by five seconds.

With 13 minutes remaining, Sexton moves into fourth.

The Lawrence brothers are closing the gap. Hunter is 3.8 seconds behind Cooper, and Jett is 4.4 seconds behind with 10 minutes to go. Cooper needs to find a little more pace.

In fourth, Sexton has lost contact with the Lawrences.

Eight minutes to go, and Hunter cuts the lead to 2.8 seconds.

Hunter is coming, but does he have time? With 5:30 on the clock, Hunter is 1.7 seconds behind. Jett is 3.6 seconds behind the leader.

Hunter is on Cooper's back wheel.

Two minutes remain and Hunter gets Cooper. Jett makes up the ground and gets into second.

With time running off the clock, Sexton falls from fourth. He drops to seventh, which is going to cut into his championship lead.

With the white flag waving, Hunter has a six-second lead over Jett.

Hunter wins by eight seconds over Jett, who is still feeling the effects of last week's crash.

Cooper takes the final spot on the box.

Barcia in fourth and Aaron Plessinger round out the top five.

Sexton made up one position after his fall to finish sixth.

For the moment, Hunter has the points lead.

"That was the question for me too," Lawrence told NBC's Jason Thomas. "How my body was going to handle that. ... We still weren't quite good. I pulled my shoulder a little bit at the start, but thank gosh, I recovered and was able to keep riding."

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SMX 2024 Dave Prater at the podium.jpg
SMX 2024 Dave Prater at the podium.jpg

Dave Prater wants to keep SuperMotocross riders guessing in 2024

The executives from Monster Energy Supercross and Pro Motocross are disrupting their sport from the inside.

  • Dan Beaver


  • Dan Beaver


Last Chance Qualifiers


Lorenzo Locurcio leads all four laps of the LCQ and advances to the Mains.

He'll be joined by Jeff Walker, James Harrington, and Josh Boaz.

Brad Todd was the first rider on the outside looking in.

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Crockett Myers took the early lead and held it till the checkered flag.

He will join the Main with Jesse Jacobsen, Bailey Kroone, and Kyle Wise in second.

Back in sixth, Matti Jorgensen fails to advance.

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Jett Lawrence's opening statement is forceful and clear: He is fastest in Qualification 1 at 2:10.342.

Hunter Lawrence (2:11.465) is Jett's closest competitor with Justin Cooper (2:12.205) in third.

Jason Anderson and Chase Sexton round out the top five.

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In Qualification 2, Hunter leapfrogs Jett and lands on top of the board.

Anderson settles into second, which pushes Jett back to third.

Sexton improves to fourth, while Cooper falls to fifth.

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The Qualification 1 results are easily the fastest, so Jett and Hunter Lawrence will have the best gate picks.

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MX Thunder Valley 2022 Dylan Ferrandis
MX Thunder Valley 2022 Dylan Ferrandis

2024 Motocross Round 3, Thunder Valley by the numbers: Jett Lawrence trails Chase Sexton by nearly one moto

Jett Lawrence’s bad day in Hangtown has him trailing the championship leader by 24 points.

  • Dan Beaver


  • Dan Beaver



Ty Masterpool is getting comfortable on his new Kawasaki. He jumps to the top of the board in Qualification 1 with a time of 2:16.262.

Haiden Deegan is not far behind at 2:16.290. Chance Hymas (2:16.507) takes the third position.

Tom Vialle and Levi Kitchen round out the top five.

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Jo Shimoda is fastest in this session at 2:17.300.

Savatgy shows consistent speed and lands second in this session over his Triumph teammate Jalek Swoll.

Hymas and Deegan round out the top five.

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As with the 450 division, the first session was the fastest with Masterpool earning the best gate pick over Deegan and Hymas.

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