Cooper Webb wins Foxborough Supercross; ties Jett Lawrence in championship points

Cooper Webb led flag-to-flag in Round 13 of the Monster Energy Supercross season at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts as Jett Lawrence struggled for a second consecutive race and finished fifth.

Webb and Lawrence leave Foxborough sharing the red plate.

"It's crazy," Webb told Peacock's Will Christien. "The season's never over, You just have to put your head down. Now it's tied."

Chase Sexton had a dramatic showdown with Ken Roczen

In the 250 class, "Danger Boy" Haiden Deegan earned his second career Supercross 250 victory and narrowed the deficit to Cameron McAdoo in an attempt to make this a three-rider battle for the championship. He is now 13 points out of the lead with three rounds remaining.

"I knew I could do it," Deegan told Peacock's Jason Thomas. "It's inside me, but man it's the highs and lows of this sport that gets you. I was just dazed sitting in my room, not winning and this hurts bro. It hurt bad."

McAdoo minimized the damage by finishing second and stretched his advantage over Tom Vialle by two points as the Frenchman finished third.

"The last time we raced was in Indy and I got the win, so that's what I was buzzing off of," McAdoo said. "To be back after three weeks off, it was just exciting to be back racing."

Pierce Brown in fourth and Max Anstie rounded out the top five.

Coty Schock rewarded ClubMX's confidence. After signing a three-year contract extension this week, he finished sixth.

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In-Race Notes

The 2024 Monser Energy Supercross season resumes with Round 13 at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts with a standard format race.

Aaron Plessinger crashed during Free Practice and hyper-extended his elbow. The team says he may not ride in the evening program.

A light rain begins to fall as the 450 Group B riders take to the track.

During the break between Qualification 1 and 2, Plessinger announces he will not race tonight.

Tune into for live coverage and bookmark this page for updates.

SuperMotocross Power Rankings Arlington
SuperMotocross Power Rankings Arlington

2024 Supercross Round 13, Foxborough by the numbers: The race to seven winners begins

Jason Anderson is the highest ranked rider without a win. Should he become the seventh winner, it will be only the second time in Supercross history that has been done.

  • Dan Beaver


  • Dan Beaver


One week after he announced retirement at the end of the Supercross season, this race is going to be bittersweet for Adam Cianciarulo.

Christian Craig updates Raceday Live on his plans, saying he will see the doctor on Tuesday and hopes to be released to ride as early as Wednesday. Sounds like Craig will spend the remainder of the SX season training for the outdoor, Pro Motocross season so he can maximize points and climb into the top 20 combined SuperMotocross points.



Cooper Webb grabs the lead early as Jett Lawrence gets pinched on the start.

Lawrence is deep in the field in 16th on the first lap. It's going to be fun to watch him come through the field.

Lawrence climbs to 12th at the end of Lap 2 and is 12 seconds behind the leader. Lawrence needs to be patient and minimize the points' damage.

Ken Roczen rides in second with Chase Sexton third.

Lawrence cracks the top 10 on Lap 5. As they run, Webb has a six-point lead.

Adding to the drama: Rain is beginning to fall.

Lawrence is ninth on Lap 9. Webb continues to lead Roczen and Sexton.

Shane McElrath had a good start, but he's falling back. Lawrence is now eighth on Lap 9. He overtakes Hunter Lawrence for seventh on the next lap.

Make that sixth as he gets around Justin Hill and now the points' differential is only one to Webb.

They get harder from here on: Lawrence trails Eli Tomac, Jason Anderson, Sexton, Roczen and Webb.

Lawrence gets Tomac and the points are tied.

Anderson is seven seconds ahead of Lawrence with seven minutes remaining.

Lawrence cuts across Tomac's nose but Tomac grabbed the brake on the No. 3 and did not crash the 18.

Sexton finally gets around Roczen and is chasing down Webb. The difference is 1.6 seconds with two minutes remaining.

Lawrence closes to withing two seconds of Anderson. These two have history from San Diego.

Webb highsides but saves it. Sexton bobbles immediately after.


Pro Circuit Kawasaki is looking for their 300th victory but its Haiden Deegan who takes the early lead.

Seth Hammaker won't giver Kawasaki that victory. He crashes on Lap 2.

McAdoo and Tom Vialle are racing for the championship lead and second place on Lap 4. McAdoo gets the position.

McAdoo is 2.4 seconds behind Deegan.

With five minutes remaining, Deegan extends the lead to 4.7 seconds over McAdoo.

Vialle is third, Pierce Brown fourth and Max Anstie fifth.

Deegan rides a perfect race and wins.

McAdoo is 3.6 seconds back with Vialle about 10 behind.

Brown in fourth and Anstie round out the top five.

Last Chance Qualifiers


After his hard crash in the heat, Justin Cooper is sore but has lined up for the LCQ.

Devin Simonson takes the early lead.

Cooper cautiously works his way to fourth.

With two minutes on the clock, Benny Bloss takes Beta Motorcycles to the lead.

Cooper is up to third,

Anthony Rodriguez gets around Ty Masterpool for the final transfer spot as time runs off the closck.

Masterpool takes it back.

Bloss beats Cooper to the line by about five seconds.

Simonson and Masterpool also advance.


There is a big pileup on the first lap sweeping up Dominique Thury, Lorenzo Locurcio and Hardy Munoz.

Vincent Luhovey grabbed the early lead.

Bryton Carroll falls from third.

Bryce Shelly catches and passes Luhovey.

Shelly holds on for the win with Luhovey second.

Luca Marsalisi and Thomas Welch also advance.

Garrett Hoffman challenged but finished fifth and will pack up his gear.

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450 Heat 1

Eli Tomac surges out of the gate for the holeshot. He swept the Triple Crown in the last round.

Justin Cooper is on his back wheel.

The best battle on the track is for third. Hunter Lawrence sneaks past Shane McElrath.

Justin Cooper crashes hard from second. He's shaken but stands under his own power. Cooper is out and will have to go through the LCQ.

Tomac rides away from the field and wins by nearly 10 seconds over Lawrence.

Ken Roczen was ninth at the end of Lap 1 but he moves up to third at the end.

Justin "Bam Bam" Barcia in fourth and Justin Hill round out the top five.

McElrath, Adam Cianciarulo, Kyle Chisholm and Jerry Robin also move directly into the Feature.

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Heat 2

Cooper Webb earns the holeshot and Jett Lawrence has to get on the binders to keep from hitting him.

Chase Sexton runs third early; all three points' contenders are in this heat.

Lawrence won't let Webb get away. He's learning a lot about Webb's riding style in this race.

As time runs off the clock, Lawrence makes the pass for the lead. The difference seems to be whether riders can triple, triple one of the rhythms. Lawrence will; Webb won't. Tomac set his lead by tripling.

Lawrence wins by one second over Webb. Sexton takes the final podium position.

Fourth-lace Jason Anderson and Malcolm Stewart round out the top five.

Cade Clason, Mitchell Harrison and Colt Nichols also advance.

The final transfer spot came down to Jeremy Hand and Devin Simonson. Hand got it on the last lap.

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250 Heat 1

Chance Hymas gets the holeshot.

Red plate holder Cameron McAdoo is in this heat but he does not have a particularly strong start. He's fifth just shy of the halfway point.

Three minutes remain and McAdoo moves into fourth.

Deegan peaks under Seth Hammaker for second as time is winding down and on the next rhythm he surges past.

Deegan caught Hymas but stalls his bike exiting the sand section while trying to make the pass. He falls to fifth.

Chance Hymas wins his first 250 heat race.

McAdoo moved up to second with Hammaker rounding out the podium.

Pierce Brown finishes fourth and Deegan remained in fifth.

Nick Romano, Henry Miller, Trevor Colip and Logan Leitzel also advance directly into the Feature.

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250 Heat 2

Max Anstie takes the lead on Lap 1 with Coty Schock, who signed a new three-year contract this week, is second. Daxton Bennick is third.

Fourth-place Tom Vialle is chasing McAdoo in the points.

In his debut, Casey Cochran rides fifth.

With time running out, Vialle moves into third.

Anstie hangs on for the win with Schock in second and Vialle in third.

Fourth-place Bennick and Cochran round out the top five.

Jalek Swoll on his Triumph, Gage Linville and Marshall Welton also advance.

Preston Boespflug passed Hardy Munoz and moved into ninth and the final position to advance on the white flag lap.

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SX 2024 Rd 04 Detroit Coty Schock back.JPG
SX 2024 Rd 04 Detroit Coty Schock back.JPG

Coty Schock returns to 250 division five days after collarbone surgery, Cinderella Season continues

In Race Day Live, Coty Schock said that he feels as if he is three weeks removed from surgery. He is currently tied with Haiden Deegan for fourth in 250 East points.

  • Dan Beaver


  • Dan Beaver



Qualification 2


Cooper Webb, Justin Cooper and Jett Lawrence are jockeying for position at the top of the board.

Webb winds up fastest with a lap of 51.708 seconds. Eli Tomac inserted his bike into second with Lawrence rounding out the top three.

Cooper slips to fourth with the other points' chaser, Chase Sexton in fifth.

Hunter Lawrence is finding speed and he slips into sixth.

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SX 2024 Rd 12 St Louis Justin Barcia looks back.JPG
SX 2024 Rd 12 St Louis Justin Barcia looks back.JPG

Justin Barcia: “It was a wrong place, wrong time situation” about Jett Lawrence St. Louis Supercross crash

In a release from Honda HRC, Jett Lawrence agreed he was in the wrong place at the wrong time: “It’s just a sucky situation”.

  • Dan Beaver


  • Dan Beaver



Halfway through the session, Max Anstie is on top again.

Anstie is fastest in this session as well with a time of 53.094. Cameron McAdoo (53.408) and Casey Cochran (53.538) round out the top three.

In Group C, David Pulley jumps off course and buries his bike in the mud. The racing surface is great, but don't go off course.

Seth Hammaker also overjumps into the mud after posting the fourth fastest time. They'll bring the crane out again.

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Qualification 1


Cooper Webb needs to keep closing the points' differential to Jett Lawrence and he shows some speed early with a lap of 54.298.

With one minute remaining, Lawrence (53.479) overtakes Webb. Eli Tomac is now second fastest.

Lawrence's time holds up to stay atop the board. Justin Cooper (53.789) slotted into second with Webb improving to 53.855 in third.

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The 250 East riders are on track with Haiden Deegan topping the board midway through.

Max Anstie ended the session with the fastest time of 54.559 seconds. Deegan settled into second (55.051) with Tom Vialle (55.316) third.

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