Jett Lawrence becomes first rider to beat Eli Tomac at Daytona in six years

DAYTONA BEACH, Florida — Jett Lawrence beat Eli Tomac to the finish line at Daytona International Speedway to become only the third rider in a decade to beat the GOAT of this track.

Until tonight, only two riders finished ahead Tomac at Daytona in that span. Justin Brayton won in 2018; Ryan Dungey won in 2015.

During that span, Tomac has never finished worse than second, but he told NBC Sports before the race that the only position he deemed important was first.

"Second is okay, but I have to take more risks," Tomac said after the race.

For the second straight week, the Monster Energy Supercross series has a first time winner in the 250 division. Tom Vialle pounced when Cameron McAdoo made a minor mistake and then rode away from the field.

"It was nice to get that win," Vialle told NBC Sports. "I had my first podium last week and first win this week. I actually feel good. I could have rode 30 minutes."

Vialle and McAdoo chose not to take the sight lap on a muddy track — a move that may have kept some weight off the bike. They used that slight advantage to finish up front.

"It was about really patience and I think I may have run out of patience," McAdoo said. "It may have cost me that lead but gosh this is awesome. I love coming to Daytona . It's got so much history and just for the opportunity to be here and do what I love to do is awesome."

McAdoo's teammate Seth Hammaker stood on the bottom rung of the podium.

Haiden Deegan experienced a hard get-off in Qualification 1 but he put the pain aside and finished fourth.

After three weeks of record attendance, Daytona International Speedway announces this is their highest-ever attended edition of Supercross here.

Pierce Brown rounded out the top five.

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Chase Sexton carries the red plate to the holeshot.

Looking for his sixth consecutive win and eighth overall, Eli Tomac gets a good start in second.

Lawrence beat Tomac in the heat, but he trails at the moment in third with 18 minutes remaining.

Sexton starts to pull away to an almost four second lead with 15 minutes remaining. Tomac is strong in the second halves of races, but he cannot afford to lose contact.

Tomac closes on Sexton while Lawrence closes on Tomac.

Lawrence catches and passes both Tomac and Sexton.

With 10 minutes remaining, the top three are still close but Tomac's bike begins to smoke and he's starting to fall back. His bid for No. 8 is fading. Jason Thomas says the team reports clutch.

Further back in the pack, Aaron Plessinger falls from fifth. He's having difficulty righting the bike.

The changing of the guard may be complete with Lawrence becoming the new Daytona dominator. He leads Sexton by 10 second with five remaining. Tomac is another two and half back.

If the results stay this way, it will be the worst finish for Tomac in a decade. Also, the first time in his history Cooper Webb won't finish on the podium; he currently rides fifth.


Several riders are changing tires including Max Anstie and Chance Hymas.

Cameron McAdoo did not take the sight lap but it doesn't matter; he leads early.

Danger Boy passes him on the first lap though.

McAdoo gets a run through the whoops and retakes the lead. Teammate Seth Hammaker comes with him — Deegan falls to third.

Now Tom Vialle goes past Deegan. Danger Boy may be sore from his Qualification 1 crash.

With 10 to go, Vialle climbs to second and he sets his sights on McAdoo.

Points leader Anstie is well back in the field in ninth.

McAdoo runs off course with six minutes, 30 seconds remaining. Vialle leads and is looking for his first SX win.

Deegan has a remarkable save. He nearly crashes, does a 360 and keeps the bike upright. He was catching Hammaker but lost three seconds with the acrobatic move.

With the white flag in the air, Vialle has an eight-second lead.

We have back-to-back first-time winners. Vialle wins at Daytona one week after Deegan won a Arlington.

Teammates McAdoo in second and Hammaker round out the podium.

Deegan is just off the podium in fourth; Pierce Brown fifth.

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Last Chance Qualifiers


The 250 LCQ is typically the most chaotic race of the weekend.

Marshal Weltin, Jace Kessler and Bryton Carroll are the top three.

The battle for the final transfer spot is heated between Lorenzo Locurcio and Bryce Shelly. It gets resolved when Shelly jumps off course twice in the closing laps.

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The top four have separated from the crowd.

Fredrik Noren leads with Kyle Chisholm close behind. Jeremy Hand and John Short hold the transfer spots as time runs off the clock.

No one wants to make a mistake but they can't help but race. Noren barely holds off Chisholm. Short nips Hand at the checkers.



In Heat 1, Justin Barcia gets the holeshot, but Ken Roczen takes the lead quickly.

Roczen loses grip on the front tire and slides down. He doesn't let it deter him and Roczen regains the lead with time running off the clock.

Chase Sexton also gets around Barcia.

When the white flag waves, Sexton is pestering Roczen.

Roczen doesn't rattle. He wins the heat with Sexton second. Roczen credited moving around to find the line for his victory.

Barcia rounds out the top three, which is a step in the right direction for a rider who has struggled in 2024.

Aaron Plessinger in fourth and Hunter Lawrence round out the top five.

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In Heat 2, the question of whether Tomac still has the Daytona mojo is answered early. he slots into second but it's Justin Cooper with the early lead.

Jett Lawrence takes a moment to get his momentum but at the halfway mark he passes Jason Anderson and Dylan Ferrandis for third.

Cooper cannot keep Tomac at bay. With one minute to go, Tomac takes the lead.

"Not so fast", says Lawrence. He wins the top spot as time runs off the clock. Two laps to go.

Tomac fades during the final two laps. Lawrence wins by six seconds.

Cooper stands on the last step of the podium.

Dylan Ferrandis finishes fourth.

One of the top performances of the night was put in by Cooper Webb who overcame a slow start to finish fifth.

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The command has been given, NASCAR-style, and the 250 class is out of the gate.

Gnarly or not, Jeremy Martin is fully healed and leading the field.

Cameron McAdoo gets around Martin and almost immediately Martin crashes out of second. Move Deegan up to P2.

J-Mart slides back to seventh.

Deegan makes a slight mistake but holds on.

McAdoo holds on for the victory with Deegan and Chance Hymas holding onto a top-three. McAdoo is now three-for-three in heat wins.

Pierce Brown in fourth and Jalek Swoll on the Triumph round out the top five.

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Daxton Bennick gets the holeshot and leads early in Heat 2.

With the red plate on his Honda, Max Anstie takes the lead from Bennick but he's riding on the edge.

And now off the edge, Anstie jumps off course. He comes back on ahead of Bennick, who was more than four seconds behind.

Tom Vialle catches Bennick for second, jumps off the track, but gets around Bennick when he tips over one jump later.

Anstie has calmed down and with Vialle and Bennick experiencing problems, he has an almost nine second lead.

Seth Hammaker and Coty Schock also got around Bennick when he tipped over.

Anstie closes the heat out with a win. This is Anstie's first Heat win.

Vialle finishes second with Hammaker keeping his third-place spot.

Bennick finishes in fifth.

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After taking a couple of weeks off to allow his hand to heal, Adam Cianciarulo will return to action on one of the toughest tracks on the schedule. In 250s, Jeremy Martin will join him after clearing concussion protocol.


With rain hitting the track just before qualification, deep ruts are already forming early in 250 Group B. It will only get worse until Dirt Wurx is able to regroom the track.

SX Rd 08 2024 Daytona Deep ruts.jpg
SX Rd 08 2024 Daytona Deep ruts.jpg


This is a track that rewards tough riders: Eli Tomac is fast early in Qualification but gets overhauled by Cooper Webb and Chase Sexton as the clock runs long. Ken Roczen settles into fourth with points' leader Jett Lawrence rounding out the top five.

Since his debut in 2018, Webb has finished second or third in every Daytona SX race.

Lawrence does not tend to excel in these track conditions.

Making his return to action, Adam Cianciarulo is just outside the top 10 in 11th.

With hard rain again in between Q1 and Q2, it's time to admit this may be a full-blown mudder.

Given how rapidly track conditions were deteriorating, Qualification 2 has been canceled for the 450 division.

This will give the track crew additional time to work on the course.

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Haiden Deegan gets off to a rough start - clipping a Tuff Blox after a standing start and briefly hitting the ground. It continues to go badly for Deegan. He cross ruts on a jump and a gets thrown hard to the ground.

Deegan gets his bike upright and rides back to the pits.

"Had to give the fans a show," Deegan told Steven "Lurch" Scott on Race Day Live. Said he took some damage to his posterior region, but was in good spirits overall.

Daxton Bennick, Cameron McAdoo and Tom Vilalle take the top three spots.

Despite the returning rain, Supercross is running Q2. Some of these ruts are so deep they are down to the ground.

While it looks like Q1 speeds are going to hold up as the fastest, there is still a lot to be learned from how the riders handle in Q2.

Cameron McAdoo takes a gentle fall with three minutes remaining.

If conditions do not improve, keep an eye on these riders: Pierce Brown (first in Q2), Seth Hammaker (seond), Tom Vialle (third), McAdoo (fourth) and Deegan (fifth).

The rookie Bennick officially wins Qualification. Deegan suffers most after with Q1 crash. He will not have a great gate pick with the 20th-fastest time — his first ever sub-10th-place qualification.

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