LIVE BLOG: NBC Sports Northwest reporters travel to Green Bay

Lindsey Wisniewski

It takes about seven hours to fly from Seattle, Washington to Green Bay, Wisconsin on a good day. But that would be too easy, wouldn't it? 

For Seahawks Insider Joe Fann and producer Lindsey Wisniewski, the road to cover the Seahawks in their Divisional Round playoff matchup with Packers began Thursday with some snowy weather and closed roads in Washington. 

Follow us on social to see what the hours (and days) leading up to the Seahawks-Packers game looks like for our reporters. Lindsey shares her behind-the-scenes experience here: 

Two days earlier

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"It's not March yet, but this next storm is predicted to come in like a lion. Very heavy snowfall forecasted to start Friday morning. Heading over this weekend? Have you considered leaving tonight?"

This was the tweet the WSDOT put out on Thursday night as I sat in my living room in Ellensburg, Wash., approximately an hour- and-a-half outside Seattle.

The weather service reported a massive snowstorm would hit the Cascades early Friday morning. The expected accumulation? A whopping 40 inches. 

I hurriedly packed my suitcase, booked a hotel in Seattle and rushed over Snoqualmie Pass. Luckily I did, as the next 48 hours didn't treat travelers too well in their commute. The good news? I got my food on at Biscuit Bitch and Serious Pie. Tom Douglas' coconut cream pie is what dreams are made of. 

Finally, we're off! Kind of.

We began Saturday morning with a plan: fly to Chicago at 7 a.m., drive three hours to Appleton, Wisconsin and enjoy a night of rest before a busy day at Lambeau Field. That quickly changed as our flight was delayed 50 minutes, then two hours and then canceled. In fact, all Delta flights to Chicago were soon canceled until Sunday. 

Chaos ensued. Reporters from NBC Sports Northwest (Joe Fann and myself), The Seattle Times (Bob Condotta, Matt Calkins, Adam Jude, Larry Stone), The News Tribune (Gregg Bell) and The Athletic (Mike Dugar) formulated a plan: fly to Minneapolis and drive to Appleton. 

The problem? Not all of us could get on the same flight. Some of us flew direct, others to San Francisco and Portland. Joe, Bob, Gregg, Adam and myself ended up on the flight to SFO.

One flight down, one to go. What have I've learned so far? You can't count on airplane seat maps, San Francisco has salads with ramen (no, it's not ramen with vegetables) and not many reporters I've talked to think Seattle is going to win at Green Bay. 

Stay tuned to more updates as we land in Minneapolis and hop in a 7-seater to Appleton. It's going to be good. 

Any Given Sunday 

It's officially gameday! And perhaps I haven't done the best job keeping up with this "live" blog on our travels yesterday. After 17 hours of travel on Saturday, we arrived in Appleton, about 30 minutes out of Green Bay and our hotel for the night.

The flight from SFO to Minneapolis was a grueling four hours, but it worked out it was perfect timing to watch the Vikings-49ers game. As we took off, the game had just started. It was a little odd, though, taking off from one NFC destination to another and watching the game unfold between those very two teams. That added to the fun-factor as there were both Vikings and 49ers fans on the plane, mostly Minnesota fans cheering after the exciting plays. The cheers didn't last long though...and we now know that whoever wins on Sunday, Seattle or Green Bay, will head to Santa Clara. 

I am personally all for 49ers-Seahawks round three, but Seattle has to get the job done in Green Bay first. 

Once we arrived in Minneapolis, we hopped in a 7 (or eight) seater Yukon with Adam, Bob and Joe. We quickly found that with all of our gear, we couldn't use the backseat. We'll worry about that tonight when we drive to Chicago (did I mention we have a 6 a.m. flight out of O'Hare?). Main takeaways from the trek: who said being a sports journalist isn't glamorous? We had seat warmers. Also, Joe had his first quarter-pounder and somehow this isn't shocking to me. Adam listens to some pretty good beats (The National, Vampire Weekend) and man, oh man, that Ravens-Titans game. I could have never pictured this unfolding. The best part of the night, though, was getting to my bed. 

I'm going to finish up charging my devices, writing up our preview article and I'll have more updates for you as we travel to Lambeau. Stay tuned...

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