Live Amateur Boxing returns to London with thrilling showcase at Loughran's Olympic Boxing

Jan. 5—LONDON — This past Saturday, USA Boxing live amateur boxing returned to London at Loughran's Olympic Boxing.

The event took place at a sold-out 8,000-square foot venue located at 361 Levi Jackson Mill Road.

Boxing clubs from North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia, Illinois, and Kentucky all gathered in London for the event.

Darrin "Schoolboy" Van Horn, a two-time IBJ Junior & Super Middleweight World Champion, was present at the event, training one of the boxers. Additionally, former WBA World Heavyweight Champion Owen "What the Heck" Beck served as the referee for several bouts.

The event was sponsored by Salon Vogue, Young Earth Moving, Storm Security, and Unity Allies.

The first bout of the day featured two teammates from Loughran's Olympic Boxing, Noelia "La Maquina" Merced and "The Boxing Barbie" Amy Lazzara.

The match was a North Laurel versus South Laurel showdown, with Lazzara, a Southpaw North Laurel senior, showcasing her skills with quick scoring combinations.

However, South Laurel senior Merced fought back with powerful combinations of her own, making it a technical showcase for the fans.

The hometown team's first contested bout featured southpaw and Williamsburg native Wyatt Probus.

Probus, a standout football and track star, faced off against Jaylen McDermott from Johnson City, Tenn.

Probus dominated the match, landing a thunderous left cross in the first round and securing a definitive win in the third round with relentless combinations.

Fifteen-year-old heavyweight sensation Alejandro Avila also impressed the crowd with his performance. Despite being on the ropes, Avila countered his opponent beautifully with powerful punches to the body and head. Avila's opponent received multiple eight counts from the referee, leading to a halt in the bout in the second round.

"The Dynamite Mennonite" Nathaniel Roggie showcased his skills in his bout against Shawn Hudson from Richmond. Roggie dominated the match with a stiff jab to the body and head, landing a powerful right hand in the first round. Despite Hudson's efforts, Roggie's dominance continued, with two more eight counts administered in the second round.

In the main event, Allen "8 Mile" Probus from Loughran's Olympic Boxing faced off against Angel Suarez representing Thrive Tribe in Lexington.

Probus, a southpaw, impressed the crowd with his performance, forcing Suarez to resort to holding tactics. Probus showcased his conditioning and heavy finishing blows, ultimately securing a victory.

Loughran's Olympic Boxing offers competition, non-contact boxing, and self-defense training for all ages.

They also have a specialized boxing program for individuals with Parkinson's and neurological disorders.

Their next event will be in the spring of 2024 at their facility located inside Levi Jackson Park. For more information on upcoming events or to become a member, contact owner Jerry Loughran at 859-333-7025.