'A little love tap': Rex Ryan blasts roughing the passer call on Chase Young

Peter Hailey
·2 min read

'Love tap': Rex Ryan blasts roughing the passer call on Chase Young originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

While Chase Young handled the aftermath of his roughing the passer penalty against the Lions with a lot of maturity, the mistake itself was still devastating. 

By pushing Matt Stafford to the ground with just a few seconds left in Washington's matchup with Detroit on Sunday, Young gave his opponent 15 free yards, and they made the most of it. Just two snaps later, Matt Prater drilled a buzzer-beating field goal to send the Burgundy and Gold home in defeat, a kick that wouldn't have been possible without the pass rusher's mistake.

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Not everyone felt Young's shove was worthy of a flag at all, though. On Monday's edition of ESPN's Get Up!, Rex Ryan sounded off on the sequence.

"Brutal," Ryan said of the call. "This is so bad right now. You've got to be able to touch a guy. He doesn't do anything. He doesn't drill him into the ground."

Ryan is correct in pointing out that Young didn't wallop Stafford; instead, No. 99 merely pushed him. But quarterbacks in the NFL these days are protected like a precious museum artifact.

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Unfortunately, the second overall pick learned the hard way that even softly sending a QB to the ground is something that he can be penalized for. Ryan, for one, hates that the sport has gotten to a point where that's the standard.

"Puts his hands on his back, c'mon," the former coach said. "A little love tap, lets you know he's there. It's crazy."

Ryan's not alone in that opinion, but it's how the NFL wants things to be. There, Young will simply have to adjust in the future. Such is life as a defender in the league.