Little girl with facial birthmark gets the perfect holiday gift

Sweet Spot

Katie Crenshaw, who runs parenting blog Typical Katie, wanted to give her daughter, Charlie, a very special Christmas present. Charlie was born with a facial birthmark called infantile hemangioma.

In a Facebook post that’s gone viral, Crenshaw shares her story. She tells Love What Matters, “Charlie has been blissfully unaware that she has an extra feature which makes her unique.” To celebrate her daughter, Crenshaw decided to contact Little Plain Jane to help her with a special request — a custom doll for Charlie, birthmark and all.

Doll maker Kayla Baker created an adorable look-alike doll. Crenshaw wrote, “When she finished, I could not believe how detailed the doll's birthmark was, and how much it looked exactly like Charlie!” Charlie quickly bonded with her new doll, and even named her Princess Cheek.

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