'It's a little bit of ownership for every Evertonian'

"A lot of people are working really hard, doing a great job," said Miller on the progress of the development.

"At the moment we've got about 1200 people on site everyday, we're at peak for the workforce.

"That's been the case since the start of the year, it'll be the case for another couple of months. We're on a journey we need to just keeping pressing on.

"We'll get to that day and it'll be a special day. You stand there with the Evertonian in your heart just wanting it to happen now. We've wanted it to happen for a long time and we'll get there. Just need to keep working hard and keep going."

"If you're not here for a week at a time, things change so rapidly," explained Waldron.

"It's everyone's new home. I've been going to Goodison since I was a baby and this will be my daughter's generation - this will be their home for life.

"It's a little bit of ownership for every Evertonian which I think is really special. It's nice they have been able to get all the insight they have with the footage we can capture as the build goes on."

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