Lit, crazy, movie': TikTok slang decoded

TikTok has ironically embraced a drunk guy's description of an epic night out. TikToker @mia.sullivann interviewed "drunk people" when she struck viral gold. She asked a young man to describe his night in three words. "Lit, crazy, movie," he answered. And the rest is history. Most people roasted the response. One person said it was something a "middle schooler" might say. another dubbed it the "Live. Laugh. Love," of "dudes" . The original sound from the video inspired a new meme where people share things they thought were wild as kids but turned out to be totally tame in retrospect. "When I was 13 with the homies at the mall walking around for five hours with $20 and the only thing I got was a pretzel," . @drewluvsgilfs wrote in a caption while lip-syncing to "lit, crazy, movie"