Listing each and every one of America’s Favorite Basketball Shots (Video)

Ball Don't Lie

Apparently, the very funny minds at Sad on Vacation seem to think that we’re all out of names for shots made on a basketball court. Via Trey Kerby at The Basketball Jones, watch their list of the finest basketball shots that this fine country has to offer:

You and I both know that there are so, so many other names for our favorite Classic Shots, ones that were left unlisted in SoV’s very funny video. Click the jump for their omissions:

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The Connie Soft-hands.

Dressing on the Side, Carla.

Death by Wicker.

The Breathing Exercise.

Cool Your Jets, Brian.

The Pharmaceutical Dependency.

The Novelty Account.

The Slamthony Peeler.

The Farm Fresh.

The OxySwenNater.

Tim Duncan’s Banker.

Tim Duncan’s Accountant.

The Fogelnest File.

No Red Onion on Hers.

Poor Richard’s Jammin’ Act.

The Glen Slambell.

The Funky Pippen.

LaCroix and Rock the Baby to Sleep.

The Side-Part.

The Yahoo! Image Search.

The Animal House Poster.

The O.J. Mayo is Not an Original Pun Anymore.

The Bacchanalian Tea Party.

The Separate Beds.

The Chris Gatling Stun.

The Fancy Dan.

The Faubus’ Fable.

Cathy Berberian Call-Out.

The Argentine Lurch.

The Regretful Slumlord.

Pesto a Go-Go.

The No Eye-Contact.

The Eye-Contact.

The Obvious Breakup.

The Bobby Swirley.

The Slip-n-Slam.

The Szabo.

The Sabo.

The Kale Dip-sy-doo.

Stacey’s Augment.

The Touchdown.

And this, after 15 and a half years of covering this game on various websites, was merely all I could remember from my pre-work run from earlier today. Fine job on your end, Sad on Vacation, but you need to watch a LOT more hoop-ball to really round out this roster of fancy finishes.

(Trey Kerby found this via John Moe, who is a must-follow for those that like to enjoy basketball and laugh a lot.)

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