Listen closely': Mom claims baby monitor captured disturbing voice in nursery at 3 a.m.

A scared mom is going viral for capturing what she claims is a "spooky" voice on her baby monitor, and TikTok is thoroughly creeped out. Mom and TikToker, Daisy (@cosmicdaze3), garnered over four million views and nearly five thousand comments when she uploaded the strange footage. Other than some atmospheric noise, the footage starts off quietly — but eventually, Daisy's baby begins to fuss. That's when Daisy claims a "spooky" voice is captured saying, "Forever". In another unsettling video, allegedly recorded just one hour after the spooky voice, Daisy captures what she claims is an orb fluttering around her baby's crib. "NO IT'S NOT DUST," she writes in the caption. TikTokers flooded Daisy's comments with reactions that ran the gamut from terror to cynicism. "Throw the whole house away," joked one scared user