The Lions’ Dan Campbell deserves Coach of the Year votes | You Pod to Win the Game

Yahoo Sports Charles Robinson and Charles McDonald discuss the incredible turnaround by the Lions and the man behind it, Head Coach Dan Campbell. If Detroit wins out and finishes 10-7, Campbell definitely deserves to be considered as the Coach of the Year. Hear the full conversation on the You Pod to Win the Game podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript

CHARLES ROBINSON: Lions go to the Jets, right? Winners of five of six. Let's say they can win this game.

You then have Carolina on the road, Chicago at home, Green Bay on the road. Green Bay on the road, by the way, end of the season, probably Jordan Love Green Bay, right?


CHARLES ROBINSON: They could be 10 and 7. Like, it really could happen. Like, they started 1 and 6.

If they go to 10 and 7, some people don't like having the coach of the year conversations. Whatever. I just got to tell you.

I know Dan Campbell started 1 and 6. So you've got to factor that in. But if you and I were sitting here before the season, and someone's like hey, yo, Detroit's going to go 10 and 7, we'd be like, yeah, that dude's definitely coach of the year. There's no way, right?

CHARLES MCDONALD: Absolutely, yeah.

CHARLES ROBINSON: --this is crazy.

CHARLES MCDONALD: And especially how they started the year. They started, like, 1 and 6.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Which, he was part of that. Frank-- like, Frank kind of said this on Twitter. Like, hey, he was part of that 1 and 6 start, which I get.

But was it not a competitive 1 in 6? That's not-- they kind of-- if you go back and look at it, you were like, ah, they were kind of close in a number of these games that felt like they were pushing. And then once they broke through and got confident, they just kind of look weirdly like an-- even though having, like, a terrible defense, they look like a really good offensive team that's extremely competitive.

CHARLES MCDONALD: Yeah., I think what's-- to me, what's impressive about this Lions coaching staff, especially on offense, you kind of go back through the season, and at the start of the year, they had those first four games, right, where they're putting up points, and they hit a wall. They played New England their fifth game of the year.

It was 29 to 0. That was the Bailey Zappe start. And then they go to Dallas, and they lose 24 to 6. But basically, since then, they had some adjustment, and they're scoring points again.

Here's their last five games. They scored 31, 31, 25, 42, 34. This is unequivocally, like, one of the best offenses in the NFL.

CHARLES ROBINSON: They lose the Philly 38 to 35 in week one, right? They had to score two touchdowns in the fourth, but I think the second touchdown here was still, like, 3 and 1/2 minutes left


CHARLES ROBINSON: [INAUDIBLE] possible they could-- they were in it, OK? They lose to Minnesota 28 to 24. They lose to Seattle 48 to 45. And remember, this was a time when we were, like, we didn't know Philly was going to be this Philly, right?


CHARLES ROBINSON: We didn't know Minnesota was going to be-- like, what the [BLEEP]? We had no clue Minnesota was going to be like this, right? We had no clue Seattle was going to be like Seattle, right?

And Geno, we're like, oh man. Geno, look at Geno Smith. Well, that's embarrassing. Geno-- oh no, actually, Geno is not embarrassing. Some of those losses-- you know Miami, 31 to 27.


CHARLES ROBINSON: Yes, look, man, [INAUDIBLE] they did go 1 in 6. But when you look at some of the teams they lost to, we think pretty highly of a number of these teams, or at least we've been surprised by a number of these teams. And oh man, 10 and 7, I think he's got to get some coach of the year if they make a 10 and 7 run and somehow get into the playoffs. I really do.