Lions coach Dan Campbell on going for it on 4th down: 'Just wear a diaper before some of these games'

If you have a weak stomach, Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell probably isn't for you. Campbell — who is an intense guy off the field — brought that same fire into the Lions' 41-38 win over the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 10.

Campbell went for it on fourth down five times during the victory. While analytics might typically agree with Campbell's aggressiveness, there were times when Campbell passed up field goals to take that risk. It mostly worked out, as his team converted on four of its five fourth-down attempts.

When asked about those aggressive decisions during a radio spot Tuesday, Campbell ... started talking about wearing diapers.

Campbell's full quote read:

"Here's what I would say, because I tell my family this, just wear a diaper before some of these games. I'll give them an alert and say, 'Put them on and be ready to roll.'"

So, uh, what does Campbell mean by that? Is he saying the game is going to be so exciting you won't want to leave to go to the bathroom? Does he mean his decisions are so risky and stressful you might lose control of your bowels? There are a few ways to interpret that statement ... and none of them are good.

We're not sure what Campbell's lesson is here, but it's definitely working for him. At 7-2, the Lions are one of the best teams in the NFC.

Bringing Detroit its first Super Bowl is attainable, though Campbell and the Lions can't shrink in the playoffs. The best way to beat an elite quarterback is to keep him off the field, and the Lions are proving they have what it takes to excel when the game is on the line.