Lion attack on safari truck inspires warning: ‘Respect the locals’

A South Africa-based tour company has shared footage showing a lion biting a safari vehicle and growling as an emphatic warning for the intruders to back off.

Lucien Beaumont of Beaumont Adventures used the footage to remind anyone planning a safari to respect wild critters at all times.

“ALWAYS RESPECT THE LOCALS,” Beaumont exclaimed on Instagram. “Whilst on safari, always remember that the animals are not there for our viewing pleasure… we are merely visitors in their home environment!”

In the footage the backs slowly away while the lion, still agitated, turns its back and glances over its shoulder as if to see if its warning was heeded.

Reads a top comment: “Well said. This lion’s reaction needs to be shared. He is the boss and needs full respect. Too often one sees humans take advantage of their safety within their vehicle.”

The footage was shared via X by Lion Lovers, a page dedicated to lions in Africa, which stated: “Totally agree! Their home, their space, respect it!”

–Image courtesy of Lucien Beaumont

Story originally appeared on For The Win