Lindsey Vonn gets the last laugh after Twitter troll's epic fail

Lindsey Vonn has done a great many things in her 33 years – most notably becoming one of the best downhill and Super-G skiers of her generation, and earning Olympic and World Championship medals to prove it. However, as she prepares for her fourth Winter Games, Vonn finds herself reminding everyone on Twitter of all the things she hasn’t done.

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On Tuesday, an anonymous Twitter troll took aim at Vonn, accusing her of being unable to take criticism during her time on Dancing With The Stars. It was an unprovoked and mean-spirited attack on her character, but more importantly, it was a figment of the troll’s imagination. Vonn has never competed on DWTS, so she and her followers decided to have a little fun with it.

The hashtag #ThingsLindseyDidntDo meme has since been born from the comments on Vonn’s original reaction, and they’re made all the more hilarious considering the disingenuous and misinformed source they’re mocking.

Not all trolls provide a day’s worth of comedic Twitter fodder, but when they do, it’s worth it.

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