Will Lincoln Riley never measure up at USC, or is he one move from winning big?

Lincoln Riley is a polarizing figure. Many people think he will never succeed on a grand scale and win a national championship at USC. Others think he just needs to make a big change in how he does business.

Which way will this story turn? We asked two Ducks Wire experts for their insights.

Don Smalley: Never is a big word. I think the USC situation shows just how important the assistants and the support staff are. The Trojans have the players and recruits, but if they’re not put in the best situations to do well, it doesn’t matter.

Zachary Neel: I’m definitely not ready to write off Lincoln Riley yet. It’s been a bumpy road so far at USC, and his continued inability to coach a team with even a passable defense is certainly concerning, but all he needs is one even average defensive coordinator hire and he’s back in business.


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Oklahoma fans were right about Lincoln Riley, at least for this specific season.

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Lincoln Riley did not assemble an elite 2023 roster, which surprised us and a lot of other observers.

Is USC ready to win in 2024 with Miller Moss or Malachi Nelson at quarterback? Lincoln Riley has to be honest about how he answers that question.

Brent Venables is coaching Oklahoma far better this year than Lincoln Riley is coaching USC. It’s up to Riley to change that reality.

Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire