Lillard supports Carmelo Anthony farewell campaign

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Ten All-Star appearances, six All-NBA teams, three Olympic Gold medal teams… Despite his status as one of the best scorers ever, which includes Carmelo Anthony cannot find an NBA team willing to sign him. 

At 35 years old, Anthony is certainly no longer in his prime, but he does have some gas left in the tank.   

Since his trade from the Houston Rockets and subsequent release by the Chicago Bulls, Anthony has not seen NBA action since a November 8 matchup against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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There were rumblings Carmelo would join the LA Lakers last season. That didn't pan out. Neither did a possible return to the Rockets or Bulls. 

The journeyman may have just become untouchable. 

A major reason for Anthony not being employed is due to the perception that he is unwilling to accept a lesser role in his mind. 

In an interview with "The Breakfast Club", famous NBA trainer Chris Brickley said he believes that Anthony is "easily better than 60%, 70% of the NBA players walking around." Brickley is the skills trainer of a multitude of NBA stars, including Anthony and Blazers guard CJ McCollum.

"He just wants to have a final season, a farewell season... do what D-Wade did. He had a great career. He's a hall of famer, so hopefully that can happen."

Like Brickley, many NBA players believe that Anthony deserves to be in the league, include Blazers superstar guard Damian Lillard, who vouched for "Melo's" place in professional basketball yesterday in a series of tweets.

Each of the past two seasons, both Lillard and McCollum have seemed to actively recruit Anthony to Portland, especially in 2017 when Anthony was on the New York Knicks.

With many rosters around the league filling out, however, it's uncertain whether Anthony will get the chance for a farewell season.

Lillard supports Carmelo Anthony farewell campaign originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

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