The lights shut off during an Orlando Summer League game between the Jazz and Nets (Video)

It is no great revelation to say that NBA Summer League games do not have the production values of typical NBA contests. Games take place in small gyms, teams wear what are effectively practice jerseys, and the few fans in attendance might not be totally invested in the result. In many ways, Summer League is a place to hang out and work on stuff in a basketball-related atmosphere.

Yet everyone involved still has basic expectations for the event. Like, you know, that the lights won't turn off. However, that's exactly what happened in the final second of Wednesday's Orlando Summer League game between the Utah Jazz and Brooklyn Nets. With 0.6 seconds on the clock and the Jazz about to finish off a blowout win, the lights at the Amway Center's gym just shut down. The game did eventually finish, although it required opening the blinds — seriously, this is not a joke — instead of waiting for the lights to start working again.

Let this be a lesson to the NFL the next time the stadium lights shut off at the Super Bowl. If all the fans in attendance just used the flashlight function on their smartphones, no one would have to wait through a long delay. It's this kind of resolve and problem-solving that made America great.

(via The Point Forward)

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