Lightning strike into third place

Michael Finewax

It’s interesting to see how teams are doing in the shootout. I was shocked to see that Boston was 0-7 this season while the team chasing them, the Tampa Bay Lightning are a perfect 2-0 (I was not shocked by the Lightning’s record).

Teams can make or break their chances to reach the playoffs by their results in the shootout. Fortunately for Boston, they are so good when not playing after 65 minutes (34-11-5) they do not have to worry about their lack of success in the shootout, but it could cost them first place in the Atlantic Division.

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1. Washington

Record: 36-14-5 (1-1-0)

(Last Week -1)

The Capitals beat Los Angeles and were humiliated by Philadelphia to the tune of 7-2. The Capitals take on the New York Islanders, Colorado and Arizona this week. Washington is 3-2 in shootouts.

2. Boston 

Record: 34-11-12 (3-1-0)

(Last Week -2)

The Bruins knocked off Vancouver, Chicago and Arizona but lost to Detroit. Boston plays Montreal, Detroit and the New York Rangers. The Bruins are 0-7 in shootouts this season.

3. Tampa Bay

Record: 35-15-5 (3-0-0)

(Last Week – 5)

The Lightning defeated Vegas, Pittsburgh and the New York Islanders and play Columbus, Pittsburgh, Edmonton and Philadelphia this week. The Lightning are 2-0 in shootouts.

4. Pittsburgh

Record: 34-15-5 (1-1-0)

(Last Week -3)

The Penguins defeated Florida and lost to Tampa Bay in road games this past week. Pittsburgh plays Tampa Bay, Montreal and Detroit this week. They are 3-3 in the shootout.

5. Colorado

Record: 32-15-6 (4-0-0)

(Last Week -6)

The Avalanche were a perfect 4-0 this week, defeating Buffalo, Ottawa, Columbus and Minnesota on the road. The play Ottawa, Washington and Los Angeles in home games this week. The Avs are 0-1 in shootouts.

6. St. Louis

Record: 32-15-9 (1-1-1)

(Last Week -4)

The Blues defeated Carolina, lost in overtime to Dallas and lost in regulation to Winnipeg. The Blues play Anaheim, Vegas and Nashville in a home-and-home series. St. Louis is 1-3 in shootouts this season.

7. New York Islanders

Record: 31-16-6 (2-1-0)

(Last Week -8)

New York defeated Dallas and Los Angeles and dropped a decision to Tampa Bay. The Islanders face Washington, Philadelphia, Nashville and Vegas. They are 3-2 in shootouts this season.

8. Columbus

Record: 30-17-9 (2-1-0)    

(Last Week -9)

The Blue Jackets defeated Florida and Detroit and lost to Colorado this past week. Columbus plays Tampa Bay. Buffalo, the New York Rangers and New Jersey this week. They are 0-2 in shootouts with one coming when Joonas Korpisalo injured himself on December 29 and has not played since.

9. Dallas

Record: 31-19-5 (2-1-1)

(Last Week -10)

The Stars defeated the New York Rangers and St. Louis, lost in overtime to the New York Islanders and in regulation to Minnesota. They play Carolina, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa this week. The Stars are 2-2 in the shootout.

10. Carolina

Record:32-20-3 (2-1-0)

(Last Week -11)

The Hurricanes defeated Arizona and Vegas after losing to St. Louis. Carolina takes on Dallas, New Jersey and Edmonton this week. They are a perfect 5-0 in shootouts.

11. Philadelphia 

Record: 30-18-7 (2-1-0)

(Last Week -14)

The Flyers defeated Detroit and Washington and lost to New Jersey this past week. Philadelphia plays Florida twice, the New York Islanders and Tampa Bay this week. They are 5-5 in the shootout.

12. Vancouver

Record:30-21-5 (0-3-0)

(Last Week -7)

The Canucks had a bad week, losing all three games as Boston, Minnesota and Calgary were victorious. Vancouver play Nashville, Colorado and Anaheim this week. Vancouver is 3-2 in shootouts.

13. Florida

Record: 29-19-6 (1-2-1)

(Last Week -12)

The Panthers managed to beat Toronto, lose to Vegas and Pittsburgh and drop an overtime decision to Columbus. The Panthers take on Philadelphia twice, New Jersey and Edmonton. They are 3-3 in shootouts.

14. Toronto

Record: 29-19-8 (1-2-1)

(Last Week -13) 

The Maple Leafs beat Anaheim, lost to Florida and the New York Rangers and lost in extra time to Montreal. They take on Arizona, Dallas and Ottawa this week. Toronto is 1-4 in shootouts.

15. Edmonton

Record: 29-20-6 (1-2-0)

(Last Week -15)

The Oilers defeated Nashville this week after a couple of losses to Arizona and San Jose. They play Chicago, Tampa Bay, Florida and Carolina this week. The Oilers are 2-2 in the shootout.

16. Winnipeg

Record: 29-23-4 (3-1-0)

(Last Week -22)

The Jets knocked off St. Louis, Ottawa and Chicago after starting the week with a loss to Nashville. Winnipeg hosts the New York Rangers and San Jose this week. The Jets are 3-1 in shootouts.

17. Calgary

Record: 28-22-6 (1-2-0)

(Last Week -16)

The Flames beat Vancouver but dropped decisions to San Jose and Nashville. They travel to California to take on San Jose, Los Angeles and Anaheim before returning home to face Chicago. Calgary is 6-1 in shootouts.

18. Vegas

Record: 26-21-8 (1-1-1)

(Last Week -18)

The Golden Knights beat Florida, lost to Tampa Bay and lost in extra time to Carolina. The Golden Knights play in Minnesota before returning home to face St. Louis and the New York Islanders. They are 3-2 in shootouts.

19. Nashville

Record: 26-21-7 (2-1-0)

(Last Week -19)

The Predators beat Winnipeg and Calgary before losing to Edmonton. Nashville plays Vancouver, the New York Islanders and a home-and-home series against St. Louis. They are 2-3 in shootouts.

20. New York Rangers

Record: 27-23-4 (2-2-0)

(Last Week -21)

The Rangers defeated Toronto and Los Angeles and were beaten by Dallas and Buffalo. The Rangers take on Winnipeg, Minnesota, Columbus and Boston this week. They are 0-2 in the shootout.

21. Arizona

Record: 27-23-7 (1-2-0)    

(Last Week - 17)

The Coyotes defeated Edmonton and lost to Carolina and Boston. Arizona is in Eastern Canada to play Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa before flying home to play Washington. They are 5-4 in the shootout.

22. Montreal

Record: 27-23-7 (3-0-0)

(Last Week -25)

The Canadiens were perfect, defeating New Jersey, Anaheim and Toronto this week. Montreal hosts Arizona and Dallas with road games in Boston and Pittsburgh sandwiched in between. They are 4-1 in shootouts this season.

23. Minnesota

Record:26-23-6 (3-1-0)

(Last Week - 23)

The Wild beat Chicago, Vancouver and Dallas and lost to Colorado on Sunday. The Wild are home to play Vegas, the New York Rangers and San Jose.  Minnesota is 1-2 in shootouts this season.

24. Chicago

Record: 25-22-8 (0-1-2)

(Last Week -20)

The Blackhawks lost to Winnipeg and lost in overtime to Minnesota and Boston. Chicago plays in Western Canada this week, taking on Edmonton, Vancouver and Calgary. The Blackhawks are 3-4 when it comes to the shootout this season.

25. Buffalo 

Record: 24-24-8 (1-2-1)

(Last Week -24)

The Sabres lost to Colorado and Anaheim, beat the Rangers and lost in a shootout to Detroit. Buffalo hosts Detroit and Columbus this week.  They are 1-2 in shootouts.

26. New Jersey 

Record: 20-24-10 (2-0-1)

(Last Week -26)

The Devils defeated Philadelphia and Los Angeles and lost in a shootout to Montreal. This week New Jersey takes on Florida, Detroit, Carolina and Columbus. The Devils are 3-6 in the shootout.

27. San Jose

Record: 24-27-4 (2-0-0)

(Last Week -27)

The Sharks beat Calgary and Edmonton this week. San Jose plays Calgary, Winnipeg and Minnesota. They are 2-1 in shootouts this season.

28. Anaheim 

Record:23-26-7 (2-0-2)

(Last Week -28)

The Ducks had a successful road trip, defeating Ottawa and Buffalo while losing in overtime to Montreal and Toronto. The Ducks return home to face St. Louis, Calgary and Vancouver. Anaheim is 5-1 in shootouts.

29. Ottawa 

Record:18-26-11 (0-2-1)

(Last Week -29)

The Senators lost in a shootout to Anaheim and lost outright to Colorado and Winnipeg. The Senators face Colorado, Arizona, Toronto and Dallas. Ottawa is 0-5 in shootouts this season.

30. Los Angeles 

Record:19-33-5 (0-4-0)

(Last Week -30)

The Kings lost all four this week as Washington, the New York Islanders, New Jersey and the New York Rangers were all victorious. They play Calgary and Colorado this week. are 27-152 with the man-advantage. They are 0-2 in shootouts.

31. Detroit

Record: 14-39-4 (2-2-0)

(Last Week -31) 

The Red Wings beat Buffal0 and Boston while losing to Philadelphia and Columbus. This week they are on the road for all four games, playing in Buffalo. New Jersey, Boston and Pittsburgh. They are 2-1 in shootouts.

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