Life after Roger Goodell: 10 dream NFL commissioner candidates

Shutdown Corner

League spokesman Joe Lockhart told reporters that Goodell will step down at the end of the 2023 season, when his most recent contract extension concludes. Goodell tried to downplay that statement, saying he hasn’t made up his mind if that’ll be his final run with the league since becoming the commish in 2006.

Whatever. We’re going to dream big here, and start the 2024 commissioner watch.

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Our list of 10 serious (sort of) and fun candidates. You determine which one falls into what category.

In no particular order:

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

Some days the NFL seems like an episode of “Ballers” and we know Spencer Strasmore can navigate that world. Plus everyone loves The Rock.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Nothing controversial about this candidate’s leadership and love of football.

Peyton Manning
Peyton Manning

Football aristocracy reaches the highest point, like the Kennedys. A voice for the players and the sponsors. From “Omaha!” to Park Avenue.

Condi Rice
Condi Rice

She was the hot name to replace Goodell at the peak of rage against Roger. It’s time for the former Secretary of State’s candidacy to catch fire again.

You can take issue with how he runs his team, but you can’t take issue on the bottom line he fattens on a yearly basis. We’re all America’s Team now.

He’s got the mouth to match American sport’s top brand. He would also give the best State of the League addresses ever. If you think this is a bad move then you’re not a Big Baller.

The former Raiders CEO knows the game inside and out and is one of the best football-related follows on social media.

He made a mark in the XFL with just the jersey nickname idea. Imagine giving this carnival barking titan an NFL-sized megaphone?

This power couple brings style, grace and an amount of cool to a league that needs it when things run hot. And their Christmas card would be the best.

Yo soy fiesta! Football’s’ favorite meathead in a position of supreme authority. What could go wrong?

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