LGD announce plans to relocate all teams to Hangzhou and build a 3,000 seat arena

LGD claimed the 2015 LPL Summer trophy in Hangzhou (LGD weibo)
LGD claimed the 2015 LPL Summer trophy in Hangzhou (LGD weibo)

In accordance with the LPL’s “franchising” and “home and away game” system, LGD Gaming have revealed that they will relocate to Hangzhou, China in September of 2017. They will move their DotA 2 and other major esports teams with the League of Legends team to Hangzhou.

According to the announcement, LGD have a long history in Hangzhou. They established their club there in 2012. In 2015, their LoL team won their first and only LPL title in the final located in Hangzhou. Although currently their main teams are based in Shanghai, this will change beginning in September of this year when LGD will move all major esports teams to the downtown Star Studios.

Star Studios is a movie theater based on Hangzhou. LGD will use the facilities to start with a gaming hall, open to visitors, that will seat 600 spectators. They will move all media offices and supporting staff along with their teams in September.

According to the announcement, LGD hope that they can become part of Hangzhou’s “rich cultural tradition.” They want to become as entrenched as “Real Madrid is to Madrid and Bayern is to Munich.”

Their more long-standing plan is to use technology from the new laser I MAX hall to develop a larger venue of 3,000 seats. LGD hope that they can blend some aspects of the cinema and esports experiences when other esports teams come to Hangzhou to compete.

Franchising was implemented for the Chinese LPL this split. This Summer, teams continue to compete in Shanghai, but starting in the 2018 season, a home and away system will be implemented. LPL will take place in 3-5 cities. LGD are the first to officially announce a new permanent location.

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