LGBTQ cover sparks debate over inclusion of controversial celebs

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On May 13, Entertainment Weekly (EW) unveiled their June cover. In honor of Pride Month.

the illustrated cover celebrates

“LGBTQ storytellers, enduring icons

and unforgettable Hollywood history”.

Though the cover was largely celebrated upon its release.

many people had a problem with a few of

the celebrities chosen to be represented

— namely, RuPaul and Ellen DeGeneres.

Recently, RuPaul revealed that

he and his partner “lease mineral

rights” on their Wyoming ranch.

Yes, RuPaul basically admitted that he and his partner are involved in hydraulic fracking.

“Is the glowing on the hill from the

fracking sites on Ru’s land?” one

person joked about the cover.

Ellen, meanwhile, has been alienating fans by the minute...

thanks to countless reports claiming

that she is “one of the meanest people alive”.

Jack Hughes, the artist behind the cover, took to Twitter to address his creative decisions.

“The list was huge, there were

deadline constraints and people

had to be cut,” he explained...

to someone who was mad about Billy Porter and Frank Ocean not being included

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