Lewis: Ron Rivera among the 'father figures' of the league

NBC Sports Washington Staff
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Ray Lewis: Ron Rivera and veteran coaches are 'father figures' of the NFL originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

There can be no discussion about leadership among NFL coaches without at least a mention of Ron Rivera.

When the topic arose on the Week 14 edition of Showtime’s Inside the NFL, host and former wide receiver Brandon Marshall didn’t hesitate to put Rivera up there with the elite, veteran coaches who continue to hold their own in a league that seems to favor those who can relate to younger players.

“Ron Rivera, Mike Tomlin, Bill Belichek, Sean Peyton, those are some of the older, savvy head coaches that still get it done. Are they embracing the culture? 100 percent, but when they walk into that room, man it is quiet,” Marshall said.

His Football Team might be 6-7 heading into Week 15, but after starting the season amidst multiple organizational challenges, a lack of leadership under center, and an ongoing battle with cancer, he’s led his team to first place in the NFC East, and has, perhaps, made his best case yet for Coach of the Year.

And if you need any more evidence of Rivera’s ability to command a locker room, just watch his postgame speech following Washington’s Sunday-night victory over the 49ers.

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Ravens Hall of Fame Linebacker, Ray Lewis called the league’s veteran coaches “the father figures” of the league.

“The greatest ingredient for leadership is respect,” Lewis said.

Rivera has done more than earn the respect of his players and coaching staff. He’s solidified himself among the entire NFL community as one of the most well-regarded leaders in the game.