Lewis Hamilton blasted for ‘selective memory’ by Red Bull chief Christian Horner

Lewis Hamilton has suggested that Red Bull are ‘so far clear’  (Getty Images)
Lewis Hamilton has suggested that Red Bull are ‘so far clear’ (Getty Images)

Red Bull chief Christian Horner has accused Lewis Hamilton of having a “selective memory” after his comments on Max Verstappen’s dominance.

The Dutchman has won 17 of the 20 races so far this season, while Red Bull have only been beaten to victory once in 2023.

It continues a dominant two years for the manufacturer with Verstappen having sewn up three consecutive world titles to establish himself as the sport’s most dominant driver.

Verstappen’s success follows a long period where Mercedes led the way, with Hamilton winning six Drivers’ Championships in seven years between 2014 and 2020.

The Brit expressed his concern after the Brazilian Grand Prix last weekend that Red Bull were “so far clear” that other teams would struggle to close the gap and provide a genuine title challenge.

But having enjoyed his own spell at the top of the sport, Horner believes that Hamilton should be careful passing comment on his team’s dominance.

“I feel like he’s got selective memory,” said Horner of Hamilton on the Eff Won with DRS podcast.

“So you know, some of the winning that they did in that period was just obscene. We’ve had a good run for a couple of years, but the one guy that shouldn’t be saying that, I would think, is Lewis.”

Max Verstappen has secured three consecutive world titles (Getty Images)
Max Verstappen has secured three consecutive world titles (Getty Images)

Verstappen’s first title was secured in contentious circumstances at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2021.

After a back-and-forth battle between the Red Bull driver and Hamilton, seeking a record eighth world title, Verstappen passed his rival on the final lap of the season to take overall victory.

Red Bull have accelerated away from their rivals since but Horner is confident that the field will “converge” again.

“My job is to make sure we’re winning, that’s my job,” Horner stressed.

“And 2021 was the biggest fight in the history of the sport. It was just heavyweight from the first race to the final in Abu Dhabi, where the two drivers ended up [with the] same points. Unbelievable.

“And that year aged me physically! So, the last couple of years have been kind of pleasant that they’ve been slightly less stressful, but what you can guarantee is that the field is going to converge, and it’s only a matter of time. And you can already see that happening. You’re going to see the field come much closer, you’re starting to see it.”