'Levy will continue to trust Postecoglou'

Chief football writer Phil McNulty

BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty has been answering your questions on all things Premier League.

Tim asked: Realistically how long can this go on for under Ange Postecoglou? I accept we will lose games, but when it's 3-0 or 4-0 and lucky for it not to be worse, surely it's clear that we are not improving? On any fair data assessment we are getting worse. If I was Daniel Levy, would I trust this man to spend money this summer on what's looking like a deeply flawed philosophy? He's brought in six or seven new players already and we look like a kids' team. Where does it go from here?

Phil answered: Well it will go on because I think Levy will continue to trust Postecoglou and the manager has said it has to be a summer of change at Spurs because there is much work to do to get the team playing in his preferred style.

I suspect he will have money to spend but people will also leave as well.

My concern would be that Postecoglou has basically said this is how his team plays and he won't be changing and there is no doubt a lot of teams have worked Spurs out. They have been entertaining to watch for a lot of this season but they can be so easy to make chances against and that is unsustainable.

Overall, I do think his first season will be viewed positively but they will have to be harder to play against next season when, in his own words, Spurs will be a team even more in Postecoglou's image and style.