Will Levis: For Amy Adams Strunk to include me as part of the plan is really special

When the Titans announced the firing of head coach Mike Vrabel after the end of the regular season, owner Amy Adams Strunk's statement included a reference to quarterback Will Levis.

The statement said that she saw “early signs of progress taking shape" despite a disappointing record and included "a promising young quarterback" as one of those signs. While in Las Vegas on Wednesday, Levis said that being included in ownership's vision for the future meant a lot to him.

"I know I am part of the plan, and for her to think of me and include me in it is really special and makes me want to work even harder," Levis said, via the team's website.

The Titans hired Brian Callahan as their new head coach and Levis said "it's been awesome" to start getting to know him over the last few weeks. He's particularly enthusiastic about the fact that Callahan has worked with quarterbacks like Joe Burrow, Peyton Manning, and Matthew Stafford at other stops in his career.

"He has been able to work with a great amount of quarterbacks and it gets you excited when you see the track record and you see the stats and you start watching the film of how he is able to run an offense and do it really well at a high level efficiently," Levis said. "So, I am excited to work for him and hopefully be that next guy that people mention of guys he's had under his belt."

If that's the case, the Titans will have the quarterback position settled for a long time to come.