What’s the ‘Let’s go to Trader Joe’s’ song, and where did it come from?

It’s no secret that Trader Joe’s has some of the most loyal customers, thanks to its unbeatable prices, unique food options and super-friendly staff members.

But apparently, TJ’s has become so popular with its customer base that a theme song for the beloved grocery chain is now going viral — an aptly named tune called “Let’s Go to Trader Joe’s.”

According to TODAY, the song and accompanying music video were released on May 19 by musicians Dana and Alden McWayne of the band Dana and Alden. It also features Cinya Khan of the band Tiny Habits.

TODAY describes both the song and video as a glimpse into how “young love can bloom as much in Paris or Madrid as much as it can in the aisles of a grocery store.” (Sounds kinda deep, right?) It’s sung as a duet between Khan and Alden, as the two singers trade off lyrics while strolling through the streets and then the grocery aisles.

You’re as sweet as lemon tea/ You’re mushy like pumpkin pie/ In my bag like grocery/ Meet me in the yogurt aisle,” the singers croon.

The indie-style video, shot through a vintage filter, was originally teased on Alden’s TikTok account, @gucci_pineapple, on May 5.

Though the short clip only featured a small portion of the song, it quickly shot to 1.6 million views as people chimed in with their thoughts.

“i love this,” wrote one person.

“As an ex Trader Joe’s employee I approve,” added another.

Alden’s account dropped several other teasers after that, which also drew a ton of viewers.

“I think we just made the song of the summer,” Alden joked in one of his post captions.

Once the full song was released, fans started recording covers and making imitation videos of their own.

Others have used the catchy tune as the background sound for the TJ’s shopping trips they share on TikTok.

Even Trader Joe’s employees have been loving the new anthem and are showing their love by filming behind-the-scenes clips of what it’s really like to work there.

While the song won’t be everyone’s cup of (lemon) tea, it’s become a fan favorite for many who can’t seem to stop listening to the addictive melody.

“This is 100% going to be in my Spotify wrapped,” joked one person in the comments — to which many wholeheartedly agreed.

“they need to play this across the globe,” another person suggested.

While the tune is certainly catchy, something tells us we might go a little nutty if we heard it nonstop while strolling through the store. But then again, our collective love of Trader Joe’s might be strong enough to overcome that.

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