Let’s get real psyched for Kyle Korver popping out of a slide and John Jenkins dancing (Video)

He did it! I mean, sure, Kyle Korver didn't stick the landing, but you try executing a proper pop-up at 6-foot-7 out of a half-size tube, especially when there's a crowd of people around you waving their hands in the ay-er like a group of proper young ATLiens. It's not as easy as it looks.

Nor, one would assume, is replicating John Jenkins' dance grooves:

I can't swear to it, but it looks an awful lot like Jenkins begins his dancing by miming the act of shooting a jumper, which would make sense. Even if he didn't, though, this looks like about as strenuous an offseason workout as Stephen Curry recently shared. (Maybe it's a shooter's thing.)

If nothing else, the Atlanta Hawks' top two floorspacers sure seem loose and limber as they bide their time before training camp. Dwyer's "they will be fun" prediction is looking better by the second. Let's make like a bunch of Korvers and give thumbs up all around.

Video via the Hawks' YouTube channel.

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