‘The lessons we learned last year are going to benefit us’ – Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher speaks at Brazos County A&M Club

The talkin’ season continues to move forward as the summer lull separates fans between the next opportunity for meaningful college football. Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher has made the rounds at a handful of events in the last few weeks, with his latest stop coming at the Brazos A&M Club for Coach’s Night.

Unlike his past few speaking engagements, Jimbo was a bit pressed for time but still managed to speak to both the media and attendees for roughly 25 minutes. The Aggies football coach once again shared his perspective on last year’s frustrating campaign and the lessons learned which should motivate this team to bounce back emphatically.

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Among the new topics Jimbo touched on was what he believes to be the strength and identity of this year’s squad, as well as his excitement for the incoming freshmen set to join the Maroon and White in the near future.

Also, if you ever wondered who Jimbo considers to be the greatest NBA player of all time, he happily chimed in to give his two cents on the matter.

Here’s a breakdown of everything Aggies football head coach Jimbo Fisher said on Tuesday evening:

Fisher advised that the roster will likely keep changing until start of camp:

“The roster is going to keep changing all the way until probably camp because you can still sign guys. Could it be set? Yes. Could it be exactly where it is today? Yes. Could it be changed tomorrow? Yes. I mean, there is nobody leaving, but you could still have guys added into what you do.”


Fisher shared his love-hate relationship with the transfer portal:

“I like it sometimes, and I don’t like it sometimes. There are reasons for guys to transfer. I hate guys using it as a scapegoat to avoid obstacles.”

Fisher reflected on the team's 5-7 finish in 2022:

“We didn’t find the answer last year, and that’s my fault. In 2020, we found the answers… It starts with attitude.

The lessons we learned last year are going to benefit us.”

Aggies fans should love what Jimbo believes is the strength of the team this season:

“Up front, our offensive and defensive line should be the strength of our team. I really believe that.”


Fisher made sure to highlight the motivation behind building a great team:

“No one deserves a great team more than y’all do, The 12th Man.”

After lack of depth hindered the Aggies last year, it will be a different story in 2023:

“When we played LSU, we started 11 freshmen… We played very well.

What our weakness was last year, with depth not having experience, will be our strength this year.”

Be on the lookout for exciting NIL updates with new assistant athletic director Jamie Wood:

“Our new guy in NIL, good luck. We are going to have fun. We are going to have some fun. We had a meeting today. One thing I will say is, he gets it. He has been at a place that understands it. I think he will do a great job in what we are about to achieve.”


The nine freshmen joining the team later this month give plenty of reason to be excited:

“They are new. It is always new to watch a young man adjust to the college scene. The big thing is, don’t put too much pressure on them. But also, don’t underestimate him.

Just let them be who they are and what they do, let them adapt and the leadership of the team will help them get to where they’ve got to go.

And it is always great to watch new kids come in, and all of the sudden, their starry eyes, their dreams, start to become a reality. It is fun to watch.”

Incoming freshman defensive lineman D.J. Hicks is shaping up to be the ultimate competitor:


“He is big. He is athletic. He is strong. But the other thing is, he is a guy who loves to compete. He loves football. And he loves all aspects of football. He is watching film all of the time. He is lifting. He is running.

“Guys like to play football, but sometimes, doing all of the things that you have to do to be good at football is not always fun. DJ likes those things. When you have that kind of talent and you have those kinds of work habits, you usually have a very good football player.”

On there now being an unlimited number of official visits for recruits:

“That has changed for them, but that has not changed for us. We still have 56. So nothing has changed on our part. We just have to be very selective and make sure kids are not taking visits just to take visits and have interest in what you are doing and the school, which most of them do.


“I think we will change our visit list in the future to add more visits. They have to, because the kids’ visits are going up so your visits you have to receive are going to have to go up. But our rule has stayed the same.”

Jimbo shared his perspective on whether the transfer portal diminishes the value of high school recruiting:

“I do not think it is diminished, but it is affected big time. Especially schools not in the Power Five, they are waiting a lot of times and not taking high school kids they would normally take just to see what falls out of the Power Fives and other schools that they can take.

And even in a Power Five guy, you may take a more experienced transfer from a lesser guy because he has had two or three years of college experience if you have a direct need at that time. So it has changed, high school recruiting, no doubt.


And it does not help high school recruiting. That is one of the things I don’t like about the (portal). I love the portal. It is great in a lot of areas. And it is great for kids to transfer. But I do think it hurts the number of kids who are signed.”

Honorable mention: Have you ever wondered who Jimbo would side with in the 'Jordan vs. LeBron' debate?

“All of this young generation likes LeBron, (James) and he is a really good player. He is just not Michael Jordan.

I say it because I never saw Michael take a play off. I never saw Michael take a game off. Any competition, he jumped at. You live on competition. In today’s time, as much as athletes get and the things they get, it is easy to lose focus of that.”


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