Leslie Jones Defends Sex Tweets, Says She's Seeing Someone

Superfan TV

Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones stopped by Conan where she was busted for tweeting while drunk. Host Conan O'Brien called out the actress saying, "You have made a promise and sworn you would never -- you said this in interviews -- 'I will never drink and tweet.'"

Contrary to Jones' previous statements, O'Brien held up one of her tweets which read, "I'm drunk and I want to have sex right now!! Dammit !!" The comedian explained her text by saying, "I'm a grown ass woman. And I sent out a grown ass tweet. And I expected a grown ass answer."

While her explanation worked for that tweet, O'Brien followed up by asking her to explain her tweet, ""Man, I hope I get to have sex before I leave L.A. I don't know, men are so scared of me here. Where are the warriors at?"

Jone's explained that tweet saying, "That wasn't a drunk tweet right there. That was just a frustration tweet."

But it doesn't sound like Jones is going to be sending any sex soliciting tweets anytime soon, because apparently she's seeing someone. Jones said, "I'm kind of am seeing someone but, like, it's a secret." Kudos to that lucky gentleman.

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