LeSean McCoy's ex-girlfriend maintains accusation that Bills RB was involved in attack

LeSean McCoy is being accused by Delicia Cordon, his ex-girlfriend, of involvement in an assault. He has denied any connection to the July attack. (AP)
LeSean McCoy is being accused by Delicia Cordon, his ex-girlfriend, of involvement in an assault. He has denied any connection to the July attack. (AP)

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. – In her first public comments since a July home invasion left her injured, Delicia Cordon, former girlfriend of Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy, leveled blame for the incident squarely at McCoy.

“To be clear, very clear,” Cordon said at a Friday morning news conference, “I believe LeSean McCoy was involved in the attack. The LeSean McCoy that I know is very different from the LeSean McCoy before the cameras.”

Emotional news conference

The home invasion was the flashpoint in a spiraling breakup between McCoy, who was out of town at the time of the incident, and Cordon, who was in the process of moving out of McCoy’s Milton, Georgia, home. According to Cordon, an invader entered the home – there were no signs of forced entry – and demanded specific items of jewelry that McCoy himself had sought from her in earlier days. The masked invader struck both Cordon and her cousin Elizabeth Donald in the face with a pistol, and cut off one of Cordon’s bracelets with wire cutters. He then forced both women into a bathroom, locked the door, and threatened to kill them if they left.

“I live my life in fear every day not knowing if I’m walking past the man who savagely attacked me,” Cordon said, choking back tears.

Alpharetta police have not yet made an arrest in the incident. McCoy has not been charged with any crime, and remains on the Bills’ active roster. He has denied any connection to the invasion.

LeSean McCoy’s ex-girlfriend seeks justice

Cordon’s news conference, held at the office of a local private investigator, had three purposes: to tell her side of the story, to inform the public of a reward for information on the home invasion, and to cast doubt on McCoy’s claims of innocence.

Cordon is putting forth $20,000 of her money, matched with another $20,000 in donations, for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone involved in the home invasion.

Tanya Mitchell Graham, Cordon’s attorney, offered details on the assailant, including the fact that the car in which he was seen leaving had been in the house’s cul-de-sac earlier that day. She noted that during the home invasion, the intruder said something that indicated he knew McCoy, but declined to provide specifics.

McCoy, according to Graham, was in Miami on the day before the attack, with the mother of his child. Graham said that McCoy was overheard saying he needed to get Cordon out of the house.

“LeSean said he was going to deal with this after the season,” Cordon said. “I don’t have that option. I have to deal with this every single day. He’s not helping, he’s not giving up any information with the security cameras.”

Cordon takes aim at police investigation

In the days before the attack, Cordon was preparing to move out of the house. Several weeks prior, McCoy had replaced the home’s existing security cameras, which connected directly with Cordon’s phone, with a new system she couldn’t access. According to Graham, McCoy has not provided recordings from the new system to local police, and declined through his attorney to speak with the police.

Robin Martinelli, a private investigator hired by Cordon, had sharp words for the Alpharetta and Milton police departments, criticizing both the 12-minute response time to the original 911 call and the department’s lack of transparency on any follow-up investigation.

“I have evidence to share, I have some suspects,” Martinelli said, adding that the fact that local police are not returning her inquiries “is not normal … We’re begging police to do their job.”

Along those lines, Cordon – who moved out of the house for good four days after the attack – also noted that she is in the process of building a larger case against McCoy, in the court of public opinion if not necessarily a court of law.

“In addition to Stephanie Maisonet [who, as the mother of McCoy’s child, accused McCoy of abuse earlier this week], other women have contacted me about how LeSean has physically abused them, taken back gifts he has given them, and exhibited other aggressive behavior toward them and toward his child,” she said. “I hope that seeing me and Ms. Maisonet come forward will give them the strength to come forward too.”

Both Graham and Martinelli said the NFL ought to be investigating McCoy based on the evidence documented by Cordon, Maisonet and other women. “If there’s a pattern of this type of behavior,” Graham said, “I absolutely think the NFL should be conducting an investigation.”

Police affirm McCoy has not been cooperating

In a statement on Friday, the Milton Police Department affirmed that McCoy has not been cooperating in their investigation, though he is not the only one.

While noting that the investigation is active and ongoing, Milton Police offered some details. Here are relevant points from the statement:

“From the onset, we have encountered numerous obstacles by all involved, and it has hindered our work not assisted. Detectives have been stonewalled or provided conflicting accounts of what occurred on July 10 at 392 Hickory Pass, the home belonging to Mr. LeSean McCoy;

“From the involved parties that have given statements, Milton Police detectives has noted multiple material inconsistencies;

“The homeowner, Mr. McCoy, who also may have had personal items stolen from the home during the July 10, 2018 home invasion, has not been cooperative in the investigation, despite requests by Milton Police detectives to Mr. McCoy’s attorneys;

“The Milton Police Department has not been notified by Ms. Condon or her attorney that a private investigator was hired. While a Milton Police detective did receive a message from someone purporting to be a private investigator assisting Ms. Cordon’s attorney, we had no independent information confirming that. We would however welcome any additional or new information that is available.”

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