LeSean McCoy on 'the worst decision of my life'

Enrico Campitelli
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It was a major internet faux pas, but in the grand scheme of things, spoiling a major motion picture isn't the end of the world.

Unless you're a certain beloved movie character, I guess.

Many of you may remember when Shady McCoy was among first group of movie goers to see the blockbuster Avengers: Endgame and proceeded to tweet a MAJOR spoiler about the film before millions of people had a chance to see it!

We wrote about it then and the fan reaction to McCoy's tweet were straight anger. We won't spoil it for you here, just in case you're still living in 2019.

Well McCoy was a guest on Good Morning Football this week and Kyle Brandt asked him about the now infamous incident.

"That was the worst decision of my life, okay?" McCoy said. "I didn't know that people watch it like that."

"I didn't know the reaction of the people. If I had known that, I never would have tweeted that."

In Shady's defense, comic book people can be somewhat intense.

McCoy is clearly one of the best running backs in Eagles history and his name has been back on our radar recently due to his wishing for a reunion with the Birds and the city of Philadelphia.

"It would mean a lot for me to play back there when I'm done - to finish, I should say, my career out there," McCoy said last month. "That'd be excellent. That's like home for me. But right now I'm trying to find the right fit for me. If it's Philadelphia, it is, and if it's not, it's not."

Let's just hope he doesn't tweet anything about ... I don't know, are future blockbuster movies still being released? That Tenet movie looked pretty good.

LeSean McCoy on 'the worst decision of my life' originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

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