LeSean McCoy makes case for Chiefs’ Andy Reid being better coach than Bill Belichick

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The NFL’s top-five list of most coaching victories includes two men working today.

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick has 298 victories in 28 seasons, the third-most in league history. Chiefs coach Andy Reid is fifth with 247 in 24 seasons, just three behind Cowboys legend Tom Landry.

Reid and Belichick are certain to be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame one day.

Belichick has a better winning percentage (.662) than Reid (.641), but a former NFL running back thinks the Chiefs coach is the best working today.

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LeSean McCoy, who played for the Chiefs in 2019 and entered the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2009 when Reid was coaching there, made the case on Fox Sports’ “Speak.”

McCoy said Belichick’s success is due more to retired quarterback Tom Brady.

While discussing the coaches, McCoy got some basic facts wrong (as you’ll see in the clip below). Before going to the Patriots, Belichick coached the Browns for five seasons and had a 36-44 record. Cleveland made the playoffs once in that span.

Belichick’s career record without Brady is 79-87, as NBC Sports noted.

“I want to say when Bill Belichick had Tom Brady, it was Bill and Tom. It wasn’t,” McCoy said. “When I look at this guy, it’s like, ‘What makes him such a great coach?’ They talk about developing these players. Well, Tom Brady was there, he developed him, he caused this culture of winning. Where? Because when Tom left, the culture of winning left, I just don’t know where the greatness is.”


McCoy then looked at Reid’s career. The Eagles had won three games the previous season when Reid took over in 1999 but started a stretch of five straight postseason appearances in 2000.

Reid was hired by the Chiefs in 2013 after they’d finished 2-14. In his first season in Kansas City, the Chiefs won 11 games and made the playoffs. In 10 seasons with the Chiefs, Reid has guided his team to the playoffs nine times and not had a losing season.

“Wherever Andy Reid goes, whoever Andy Reid has as a player, whether it’s a running back, a wide receiver, a quarterback, he is going to win games,” McCoy said. “He’s going to take a bad team and make them a good team. He does it over and over again. When he got to the Eagles, that wasn’t a good team. They became a good team over time. He leaves Philadelphia, right?

“He goes to the Chiefs, who weren’t a good team before Andy Reid got there. They instantly become a good team. So when I look at Andy Reid — and I want to preach for Andy Reid because I love him — but I’m saying, I see a great coach. I see players developing. I see him making players get better and better. When you look at Belichick, what do you see? I see Tom Brady. I see him benefiting off the success of Tom Brady because when Tom Brady left, I can’t see a time when Belichick has been successful.”


Here’s the entire clip that McCoy shared on Twitter.