Leonard Williams says he went through Tyler Lockett to buy his house

It can be easy to forget that when players get traded, there’s a whole lot more to the ordeal than just switching teams. Players need to uproot their whole lives and move to entirely new cities. In the case of defensive lineman Leonard Williams, he had to literally move across the country from the New York area to Seattle, WA.

Then as players begin to figure out their living situation, the joys of house hunting begins. Even for a multi-millionaire athlete like Williams, trying to find a home in the Seattle area isn’t a walk in the park.

Fortunately, he has a teammate who can uniquely help him. Wide receiver Tyler Lockett has been a realtor on the side for some time now, and been quite successful at it. So much so that Williams actually enlisted Lockett’s services for this very task.

I don’t believe I speak for myself when I say I’ve never heard of this tactic for teambuilding. But then again, the Seahawks under Pete Carroll always find new ways to build culture.

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Story originally appeared on Seahawks Wire