Leonard Williams: Mike Macdonald gives us "clean foundation" to create our own identity

The Seahawks experienced a lot of success during Pete Carroll's run as their head coach, but that run came to an end earlier this year and Mike Macdonald is now at the helm of the team.

Macdonald is not wasting any time when it comes to forging his own path. Defensive lineman Leonard Williams said on Wednesday that Macdonald has created a "sense of urgency" around the team's facility as he works to establish a new way of doing things after 14 years with Carroll at the helm.

"I remember the first day we came into the team meeting, Mike pointed out that there's empty walls in the hallways and things like that," Williams said, via the team's website. "For a person like me, that made me really excited, and I hope it made the rest of the guys excited. We're obviously going to respect tradition and the history of the Seahawks, but I think it's giving us a clean foundation to create whatever we want to be. We're not chasing to be like any other team that's been here before, we want to create our own identity."

Cornerback Devon Witherspoon said that Macdonald's approach is "different as far as the way he runs things around here, the way he talks, terminology when we're speaking about football, and just the way he teaches us about the stuff we're doing right now." Those are significant changes and the coming months should help bring the new direction of the Seahawks into greater focus.