'Legend's time to step up' or 'cheap gamble' - Hibs fans on Gray choice

Considering his status as a club legend, you would expect David Gray's appointment as Hibernian head coach to have received fairly overwhelming backing from the Scottish Premiership club's fan base.

Supporters responding to our call for their views are unanimous in wishing their 2016 Scottish Cup-winning captain success in his permanent managerial role.

The Edinburgh-born 36-year-old's background and four spells as caretaker means many think his time has come.

Others, though, are concerned about the fact he has only had 12 games in charge, the role of sporting director Malky Mackay and that he could be the latest club legend to tarnish his legacy by failing in the hotseat.

Here's a taste of what some of you had to say:

The ayes

Ryan: David Gray loves the club and knows what's needed, he doesn't have to evaluate. He's worked under a few managers now and I think it's time for him to step up. The first port of call is to sort out the defence. It's a position that hasn't been addressed properly for years. The board have to give him a decent budget, quality over quantity.

Michael: Superb choice for the Hibees. David Gray has always done a fantastic job when called upon as caretaker manager and is clearly respected within the changing room. A legend at the club, he should be given time to build a team. Hibs have been languishing in mediocrity ever since Neil Lennon left and need some stability. I see a bright season ahead.

Kevin: This is a good move for all. The fan base will reconnect with the team under Sir David. In truth, I wanted a bigger name, but promoting within should speed up the recruitment/cutting of the squad.

Iain: Excellent choice for manager in my opinion. He knows the Scottish game and, as a former defender, an area where Hibs suffer greatly, I feel he will make that a priority.

John: At last, someone who knows the Scottish game. I think, with the guidance of Malky Mackay, recruitment will be very much better than the last three years.

John: Good choice. David Gray knows the club well and is well-liked as a player, captain and caretaker manager. If all goes well, I would expect Hibernian to secure a top-six place and maybe thereabouts for the European places.

Stu: He is a great choice for the club. I know he will give it his all, he knows the league, knows the players and knows what the club means to the fans. On the other hand, if it does go wrong again then the blame will be put on the right people this time round - and that's chief executive Ben Kensell and the rest of the board.

John: At last, someone with a connection to the club has been appointed to lead the team forward. Hopefully this will also be reflected in the coaching staff. Now is the time for all supporters to get behind the team and to positively support them moving forward.

John: Big decision by the board at Easter Road to appoint David Gray, but at least he knows the club and the players and that can only be a good thing. Up to the board now to back up their talk with some good additions to the playing staff.

The naws

Beefy: I love the man and he's as handsome as they come. But I am slightly nervous about his lack of experience in the top role. Would have been happier if he had gone elsewhere to learn the trade first.

Robin: We went this route with Yogi Hughes, Paatelainen, Collins and Sauzee - all fantastic players and we know how they ended up. The club seems to be focused on fantastic facilities and corporate. The fans want a seat, pie and Bovril and a successful team. The top brass don't seem to be on the same page. Hate to say Hearts have better business heads.

Bill: Terrible choice of manager. Surely the club could have thought outward and shown ambition to select a higher calibre of manager. There are plenty in the market who would have been better placed to take on the reigns.

Derek: Not sure why someone is employed by a club simply for scoring a goal. I think his presence was a distraction for the coaches who were in charge. I also think Malky Mackay will overpower him.

Rian: If I had not already purchased my season ticket, I am afraid I would not do so. David Gray was defensive coach last season and we all know how that went. Our director of football appointment is a disgrace looking at his past problems and I am afraid this is a decision that the club will regret. Relegation may be on the horizon.

Greg: You shouldn't appoint a legend unless he's done a good job elsewhere first to prove himself. If we're sat 12th in the table in December, do we give him more time and risk relegation again, or do we sack him, thus ruining a legend's legacy? There were plenty of good options out there, but it appears they want someone inexperienced they can control.

Mark: All of us, as Hibs fans, like David Gray, but this feels like a cop out. The club seems to have a problem with appointing proven managers. We keep appointing guys who have just been sacked, haven't managed at a decent level, or haven't managed at all. A three-year contract is a bit long as well. Having said that, having Malky Mackay there could help.

John: This is a totally underwhelming and easy choice - and was expected from the Hibs board who have yet again failed the fans. The fact that no-one of any stature was interested in the job says it all. David Gray was part of the problem and not the solution over the last five managers, yet stayed on and is given a three-year deal.

Colin: Another error for me. Massive and essentially cheap gamble. Familiarity breeds contempt as they say. We needed a fresh perspective from someone not associated with the club. This is all too cosy and comfortable for the hierarchy. Essentially, Ben Kensell is the true problem here. Until he goes, Hibs will continue to struggle.

Stevie: I'm not overly enamoured by the appointment as I don't want his legacy to be spoiled if things don't go well. Hibs fans will back him as he is a Hibs legend, but fans probably wanted a more exciting appointment and someone with more experience and fresh ideas.

Danny: Every Hibee loves Sir David Gray. But what is this appointment? He's taken charge of 12 games in total and not exactly wowed in those. He may well be a top manager one day, but Hibs need someone experienced who can hit the ground running. Big questions over why Malky Mackay was hired too - the justification was to oversee new manager search and then it's internal.

Gary: Club has made a ridiculous appointment of a club legend who has no managerial experience whatsoever. A caretaker role on a few occasions is not adequate. We fear the worst again. A rookie manager is ludicrous.

Alex: Like most Hibees, I love Sir David Gray and will back him 100%. However, he is an uninspiring choice and I fear that Malky Mackay will be in charge by Christmas. Poor squad that will deliver hee haw.

Scott: As far as I'm concerned, David Gray was part of the problem. He has been a defensive coach for the last few managers and the defence has been the worst part of the team by miles. Yes, he is a legend at the club for that Scottish Cup goal, but I can see it ending in tears quite quickly.

The maybes

Alasdair: It’s another step into the unknown. It’s a brave decision on both sides.

Mark: New managers, especially inexperienced ones, need time to establish themselves and make their mark on the team. Hibs owners have not shown enough patience in the past. I hope they will now stop chopping and changing their manager in order to bring continuity and stability to this once great club.

Alex: Huge risk yet again. Hibs have backed themselves into a corner with the previous appointments. No money to pay compensation for an experienced manager under contract, can't take a chance on somebody with no knowledge of Scottish football. Love David Gray but must get that defence sorted pronto.

John: Wouldn’t have been my first choice, but he can’t be any worse than the previous three managers.

Chris: Sir David Gray is a club legend and deserves his shot through loyalty alone, and we will all back him, but it's not the appointment I would have made when the club needs such an overhaul. Most of the playing squad should be shown the door and recruitment needs entirely removed from those who have been in charge previously. It's a huge job for your first one.