Legends Game returns to Tift County High

Sep. 11—TIFTON — Tift County's Legends made a triumphant return Thursday, Sept. 7, racking up touchdowns and sending the crowd at the TCHS mini-stadium into a frenzy in the annual Legends Game.

This was the second edition of the contest for the Legends of Tift County High School. Adding to the environment were the Blue Devil Brigade, cheerleaders and football players. Several classes gathered at the top of the mini-stadium to cheer them on as well.

The Blue Devils set up as usual for each play, with players on the offensive and defensive lines. The snap went to the quarterback, who handed off to each Legend. From there, the legends zoomed down the field as the Devils made "tackle" attempts, some by diving. Some legends joined a convoy of blockers who escorted them to the end zone.

A few Legends added a personal touch to their touchdowns, with a spike or a special dance.

Head football coach Noel Dean announced the game, giving each player a unique nickname and, on one occasion, compared a player to renowned Washington back John Riggins.

The Legends were divided into two teams, wearing special white or navy Red, White and Blue Devils uniforms. Both came out through the banner with the cheerleaders to the Tift County fight song playing.

"We're both home teams today," said Dean.

Tift assistant Doug Stanford, who has organized the contest both years, said Blue Devils seniors played a big part in making the game go smoothly. The would-be "tacklers" were generally younger players. Stanford wants the Tift youth to have a big ownership in this event.

Though it has been a major event from the start, Stanford said that by no means is the Legends Game complete.

"Every year, we'll get a bit better," Stanford said.

Tift faculty and administration added even more to the Legends Game. Principal Dr. Chad Stone was on hand. Athletic director Chris Martin waved the Tift County flag. Lady Devils head basketball coach Julie Conner-Johnson pushed one Legend who is not ambulatory. He had a football in his lap and a big smile on his face as he went across the goal line.