Legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk recovering after brutal broken femur in accident

Longtime skateboarding legend Tony Hawk suffered a broken femur this week and is in the hospital, he shared on Instagram on Tuesday afternoon.

Though it’s unclear how the injury happened specifically, TMZ Sports reported that the 53-year-old was skating when it happened.

Based on the photo Hawk posted, the break is pretty severe.

“Yesterday sucked,” Hawk wrote, in part. “I broke my elbow 20 years ago and managed to make a full comeback. This recovery for a broken femur will be much harder because of the severity (and my age). But I’m up for the challenge.”

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Hawk is undoubtedly the most famous skateboarder in history.

He holds 10 X Games gold medals and 16 total dating back to his first win in 1995. Hawk is the first person to ever complete a documented 900, too, which he first did at X Games 5 in 1999, and is behind the popular video game series “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.”

Hawk also has a new HBO documentary coming out about his career in the near future titled, “Until The Wheels Fall Off.” Ironically, he said, the trailer for that documentary is due to be released on Wednesday.

Hawk returned to the X Games in 2021, which marked his first appearance there since 2003.


Though he likely won’t be competing again anytime soon, if at all, Hawk is determined to get back on the board again.

“I’ve said many times that I won’t stop skating until I am physically unable,” he wrote. “A broken leg — with plenty of hardware — will probably be the biggest test of that creed. I’ll be back, maybe not at full capacity but I resigned to that notion years ago as I approached ‘mid-life.’ … See you on the other side.”

Tony Hawk
Tony Hawk revealed that he broke his leg on Monday in an apparent skateboarding accident. (Leon Bennett/Getty Images)